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Seventeen appetizer recipes to make in less

Seventeen appetizer recipes to make in less

Seventeen appetizer recipes to make in less than 10 minutes Because sometimes your friends invite each other unexpectedly! Guests may visit you by chance, and that you have nothing planned to receive them. In addition, you have nothing ready to offer them for a snack. You know very well that if you go into preparations.

It can be super long, and they might all fall asleep while waiting for you. So you have to know how to prepare small appetizers quickly and with little ingredients to look like a real pro in front of your friends! For this, we will share with you the secret of 17 straightforward and speedy recipes of delicious little appetizers that will make you fall in love! To your stoves! 1.

Puff pastry with vegetables and cream Preparing these little culinary gems is just super easy and very fast, plus we give you an idea, but in the end, you can fill your puff pastry with whatever you like. For the preparation, you need 1. Roll out a puff pastry 2. Cut strips of pasta crosswise 3.

In a frying pan, brown the mushrooms, onions, and green beans cut with a drizzle of olive oil and three tablespoons of heavy cream 4. Place the filling on the dough, then fold it to form a kind of ball 5. Bake them at 200 ° for 15 minutes 2.

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Customized tomatoes in the oven Gratinated tomatoes are super good and too quick to prepare them: 1. Cut reasonably thick slices of tomatoes 2. Surprise puff pastry The puff pastry as an aperitif is too good and it’s super crispy, you can prepare surprise puff pastry by cutting vertical strips in puff pastry, garnishing them with cheese, ham, sausage, bacon, tapenade, tomato coulis, whatever you want then make a sort of twist to fold everything and bake everything in the oven at 200 ° for 15 minutes. 4. A gourmet toast Prepare very gourmet toasts by taking a slice of bread, spreading the tomato coulis on top, a slice of chorizo ​​for the spicy side, a little salad, a slice of camembert-type cheese, and an egg in the sauce. flat.

To taste immediately! 5. Mini pizzas Cut small circles into a pizza dough on which you place asparagus and slices of Serrano ham and a fried egg. Bake for 15 minutes at 195 ° and it’s ready. 6. Surprise tomatoes A cherry tomato is used a lot to make appetizers, to prepare this one.

You have to cut the top of the tomato, empty the pulp. Place it in the empty spaces created with a crispy slice of bacon a salad leaf and also a sauce of your choice. It’s all eaten in one bite MIAM! 7. A real treat, we assure you! 9. Make an omelet with 3 eggs, salt, and pepper 2. Cut vertical strips but diagonally on the side 3 Garnish with guacamole, and Serrano ham 4.

Roll everything up and enjoy! 10. A surprise bread The surprise bread is very easy and in addition, it is very practical to be tasted with several, to make it take a bread regardless of the shape or the type, cut it once horizontally to stuff it with cheese, for example, bake in the oven at 195 ° for 15 minutes then cut vertically as for the grid to offer a portion to each guest.

Mini Bites Queen Bites are super easy to make, they come ready-made so you just have to garnish them with whatever you like and put them in the oven! A good idea for unforeseen aperitifs! 12.

Multi-taste sandwiches Making several types of small sandwiches can be a very good idea. Mix ham and cheese, wedge dough and Spanish cheese, surimi and cheese whatever you want. inside slices of sandwich bread! 13. Mexican sandwiches To make these quesadillas, just cut slices of sandwich bread into a triangle. They garnish them with minced meat, corn, green peppers, chili peppers if you like, and mozzarella-type cheese. . Bake it all in a toaster or a waffle maker! 14.

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