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The Ancient And Indigenous Painting Styles of India

India is synonymous with diversity. Whether it is the diversity of color, skin, race, caste, creed, or religion, India offers multiple things that could divide you by creating factions and polarization. However, in some instances, this diversity also unites. When perceived in the form of flora and fauna across multiple geographical features of the country, this diversity is wholly captivating and blissful.

Similar to this is the diversity in art. Since people from the prehistoric era have started taking refuge in the instruments of art and culture to foster a consciousness that supersedes the normal human one, the same has happened across India over generations. People from various geographical regions have created their forms of art that have considerable influence on their legends, folklore, social, cultural, and religious principles, etc.

Over generations, several ancient paintings and art styles have evolved across the Indian mainland. Some have found international recognition, while others have stayed hidden under the veils of obscurity. However, with the emergence of virtual art galleries like, it is now possible for global citizens to buy art online India according to their individual aesthetics and callings.

Buy paintings online India, and you will never feel gutted with your decision

As mentioned earlier, India is a land of rich culture and heritage boasts of multiple art forms that have evolved over generations across different country regions. Though these art forms have been expressed in sculptures, timberworks, woodcuts, burnt clay works, or terracotta, the primary forms that these traditional, regional artists have taken to express their art and convey it in a recognizable form to others are paintings.

Ancient Indian artisans have expressed their rich cultural diversity through a myriad of painting styles that were common in India. These painting styles, reflecting their traditions, customs, beliefs, stories, and the like, were done on a variety of media – clothes, walls (in the form of murals), etc., which were later passed on to new media like paper, canvas, etc.

Over time, these ancient Indian paintings have found global admirers through art galleries and museums, where they were showcased from time to time. With the pandemic transforming several of our physical experiences to digital, virtual art galleries have also showcased iconic ancient painting styles of India and enabled people to buy paintings online India.

So let us check some of those most iconic, ancient painting styles in India that have transcended the borders of geography and accomplished global repute.

A brief overview of some of the most famous ancient painting styles in India

Art enthusiasts, curators, admirers, and even people who wish to showcase their rich taste often browse online galleries and buy modern art online. And purchasing one or more of India’s following ancient painting styles will add to their refined collection.

Madhubani painting

Originally traced to the Mithila region of Bihar, this captivating ancient painting style is a form of folk art that has  traditionally used to decorate the interior and exterior walls of the village houses. Basically a wall art, Madhubani paintings are rich, captivating illustrations that have been the ideal portrayal of artistic expression and ancient culture, traditions, and heritage.

If you wish to buy paintings online India, Madhubani paintings done on various media can be an exciting choice. It blends a flurry of radiant colors, unique physiological expressions, and geometrical patterns to depict the village lives, mythological scenes, and other symbolic images. Suppose you are an enthusiastic ancient art curator and wish to dig deeper. In that case, you can even find specific sub-genres of Madhubani. Like Godna, Khobar, Tantrik, Bharni, and Katchni – each distinct in its way.

Gond painting

If you wish to buy art online India, then the Gond paintings can be an exciting choice. The Gondi tribes of central India, who have traditionally giving form to this art, are thought to be the early settlers from Africa in the prehistoric ages. Through the Gond paintings, the tribes depicted rich historical lore, stunning mythological characters. And scenes, traditional songs, rituals, festivals, and much more. Their painting style comprised a pronounced and unmistakable pattern of dots and dashes with radiant colors derived from natural resources like plant sap, dried flowers, colored soil, leaves, mud, and even cow dung.

Pattachitra painting

The traditional art form of Odisha, Pattachitra paintings are primarily derive from mythological and religious references. This standard art form has found its tributaries in the adjacent regions of West Bengal. Where the Pattachitra paintings have done on hardened vessels of mud. The inherent aesthetics of Pattachitra paintings contain beautifully drawn bold outlines of resplendent hues like blue, red, yellow, white, black, and the entire thematic design is encapsulated by decorative borders in black.

Warli painting

The Warli paintings, done by the Warli tribesmen of Maharashtra for over 2500 years. Illustrate various forces and elements of nature. Along with these, the Warli paintings also depict the social rituals of the tribe members in question and their day-to-day activities like hunting, praying, singing, dancing, farming, etc. One of the most striking things about the Warli paintings is the medium use. The women of the ancient tribes employed sticks and twigs and immersed them in rice paste to illustrate mud walls of huts and thatches.

Final words

Apart from these ancient painting styles depicted above, India boasted of hundreds of other reputed and obscure art forms like Dokra art, the Kerala murals, the Pichwai paintings, the Kalighat paintings, the Mughal-era paintings, Miniature paintings, and the like. Therefore, if you are making up your mind to buy modern art online, you should first consider browsing through the rich and colorful history of ancient Indian art forms.

Who knows, you could captivated by the thematic rundowns. And the rich patterns and never make your way back to the modern world!

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