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The Daily Utilization Rate of ICT Has Increase

The results of the efforts have already appeared in the numbers. NTT Communications Smart World Business Department Smart Education Promotion Office Kayazono Tomoe Employee said, “At the start of the cooperation agreement in April, PRINCE2 training daily utilization rate for all elementary and junior high schools in Koganei City was 3.21%. This was in September.

The highest value was 41.22%, which is about 13 times higher. In November, when there are many summer vacations and events, the number of classes for PRINCE2 training is small, so the utilization rate tends to decrease a little, but now it is improving overall. “

The number of use cases, which had been targeted at 100 cases, has now nearly doubled to 190 for all subjects. Mr. Kamiyazono said, “Several months after the start of the initiative, the mindset changed to a voluntary sharing of teachers, and cases began to gather naturally.” BAGSHOT “has a group in Koganei City, and Koganei It is possible to visualize what kind of utilization is being used at other schools in the city. I think that the consciousness of the teachers has changed from the exchanges there. ” Was.

Try Using ICT First

At the stage of April 2021, even among the teachers, there was an air that they did not know what to do even if the cooperation agreement suddenly started and the terminals were distributed. Before the summer vacation, it became “Let’s use it anyway”, and efforts for collaborative learning tools began at multiple schools.

As the teachers gradually got use to it, they finally got the image of introducing it into the lesson, and from there, conversations such as “I think I should use it more like this” increase. Mr. Shioiri said, “It is important to use it. Among the teachers, the range of utilization will expand with the voice that such a class has such a good point and the burden of such work will be reduce. ” I explained the importance of.

Advancing ICT Utilization Initiatives

From the faculty side, some voices realize the effect. Professor Tachibana said, “While advancing ICT utilization initiatives in line. So with the GIGA school concept, it is possible to get a valuable opportunity to come. Because into contact with many educational applications. And think about how to use them in class, put them into practice, and confirm their effects.

In the learning process, I feel that a culture of sharing ideas, reporting the results of practice, and teaching each other how to use the content has been foster. I would like to make full use of what I have learne through the efforts so far and the culture that has been nurture in the independent learning of children or the sophistication of learning”.

PRINCE2 training
PRINCE2 training

The Reduction of School Affairs


In some cases, ICT utilization cases that led to the reduction of school affairs have spread to other schools. In the health observation by ICT using “School Tact”, the student himself inputs. The health check of the student, which took 20 minutes a day by filling out the paper and hearing. And the teacher checks it in a list, only 2 Shortened to minutes. It is say that the “health observation manual” create by NTT Communications. Because base on this case is currently being use at other schools.

In addition, the use of drill materials has reduce the time required to create prints. And the distribution of additional points to students who are making rapid progress. So that it become very smooth. According to Mr. Kamiyazono, this use case also spread rapidly through sharing between teachers.

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