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The Most Effective Way To Draw A Lotus Flower

The Most Effective Way To Draw A Lotus Flower. There are various stunning flowers in nature. People love flowers for the splendor and variety they bring to the world, and the lotus flower is one of the most revered.

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These floating delights represent virtue and resurrection, and their distinctive looks can make figuring out how to draw a lotus flower fun.

The Most Effective Way To Draw A Lotus Flower

Step 1

To get this help for the most skillful way to draw a lotus flower, let’s start with the central petal of the flower.

This petal is drawn in the shape of a teardrop shown in the reference image we provide.

It implies that it has a sharp point at the top with an adjusted base. Make sure you leave a small gap right at the bottom of this shape.

Step 2

We will add another petal to your lotus flower design in this step. This petal is level with the water lily on which the lotus flower sits.

First, define a folded border under the petal from the first step. Then, at that point, inside this folded line, define another border with a point to indicate the rise of the petal.

Step 3

The petals that you will draw in this step by our helper for the most skillful way to draw a lotus flower will also be aligned on the water lily, like the previous one you drew, except these will point to the side.

You can drag these out of focus and the layered sheet from the first step.

They are drawn for specific fold lines to frame a stroke of the mill leaf shape and have a line inside that contains a fold point.

Step 4

In this step of your lotus flower design, they will expand on the flower’s central petals.

You can draw two more petals falling from the central one, each facing outwards.

So at this point, whenever you’ve drawn those two petals, you can draw two more small petals and the focal vertical petal.

Step 5

You’re learning how to draw flower petals now! We will draw a few others in this step, from our helper to the most skillful way to draw a lotus flower.

To do this, essentially draw a petal falling from each side of the flower and facing outward, as shown in the reference image.

The tips of these will be significantly more curved than the previous ones.

Step 6

You want to draw in the last few petals in this piece of your lotus flower design. To do this, in this step, draw two additional petals on each side for a total of four.

These are also located at the level of the water lily and occupy the space on the sides. Then it goes to the last contacts in the last two phases!

Step 7

We referred to the water lily that this lotus flower sits in this helper a lot, so right now, we will drag it into this step from our helper with the most skillful method of drawing a water lily!

The water lily will extend from both sides of the water lily and will be very curved and conformed. The line will dip internally on the right-hand side.

Then, at this point, when the structure is complete, you can add a few lines inside the water lily to get some detail on the surface.

It concludes the drawing phase of this helper! Before proceeding, add any extra touches or building blocks you want.

It could be a duck drifting by, a fish jumping out of the water, or more behind-the-scenes lotus flowers!

Step 8

In this piece of your lotus flower design, you can polish it to some gorgeous tones! As you can see in our reference image, we used some stunning shades of pink, green, and blue for our image.

However, this is your design, so that you can use any variety for this design!

As for the craft media you can use, I think the more subtle tones of watercolor would work particularly well with this image.

However, you could use many amazing mediums, bringing its brand of excellence to the picture.

Drawing Completed

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