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Thunderbird Address Book MAB SQLite – Comprehensive Solution

People are facing difficulties while accessing the address book in the newest version of the Thunderbird. Hence, the query uprises that how to resolve “ Thunderbird Address Book Mab SQLite”.  Through this informative article, we are going to we will going to explain the solution of it. 

As the user well knows the Thunderbird keep upgrading their features. So it becomes necessary to keep an eye on the new functionalities on it so that a user can use it smoothly. The Old Thunderbird MAB contacts Stores:

abook.mab: Personal Address Book each and every contact is added stored here.

history.mab:  All Collected Contacts & Address Book are saved in this file extension of the Thunderbird 

But later when it introduced its upgraded version which is 78.0 then Thunderbird changed its contacts saving format. 

abook.SQLite:  every single contact saved which is added in Thunderbird will be saved as the personal address book 

history.SQLite: the collective address book will be saved in Thunderbird  

The latest version of Thunderbird, it stored in SQLite instead of MAB Format.

After this, we are going to tell the query what issues is faces by the users 

Real-Time User Scenario


address book query

These queries are almost similar to common problems about address books. So in the next segment, we are going to tell the eminent solution by which you can easily access the Thunderbird Address Book SQLite in the simplest way. We guaranteed you that you will not face any kind of issue related to this after implementing the solution.

Proficient Solution to Thunderbird Address Book MAB SQLite

SysTools Thunderbird Address Book Converter Tool is one such solution by which you can easily convert your MSG files without facing any glitch. It is a solution by which you can not lose your important data. With this tool, you don’t need to install Thunderbird. This wizard is the best fit for forensics investigators to read and view Thunderbird abook.mab and abook.SQLite files.

In the next segment, we are going to tell you the advantages of this eminent solution

Merits of Thunderbird Address Book Wizard

This utility has some of the characteristics which are mentioning below of this section 

  • The exporter offers multiple file-formats while converting the files. For the conversion, it will give you the options like PST, CSV, vCard, MSG formats to convert MAB Contacts.
  • This utility gives you the option of auto-detection of files from your local device 
  • Thunderbird address book converter Converter allows you to convert multiple contacts along with abook.mab, history.mab, impab.mab and SQLite.
  • MAB Converter is compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems 
  • This tool provides you with the advanced setting by which you can specify by selecting them as per your requirements.

Working steps to Thunderbird Address Book Mab SQLite

  • Firstly, Launch the wizard Thunderbird Address Book  Converter.

interface Thunderbird Address Book Mab SQLite

  • Tap on Add File, On the right pane of the tool’s interface

add files Thunderbird Address Book Mab SQLite

  • Moving further, the tool will give you three options: (i) File (ii) Folder and (iii) Auto Detect folder storage location (which automatically  detect the files) click as per your preference 

select the option

  • Hit on, the Browse button and Press “Open” 

press open Thunderbird Address Book Mab SQLite

  • After the scanning process is successfully done and it appears on the tool’s screen. 

scanning Thunderbird Address Book Mab SQLite

  • Next, On the right pane of the screen, you can also view the added files 

view the files

  • Moving on, Press Export on the menu bar 

press export

  • Hit on, “Export Button” & Select the file format as per your choice

choose file format


  • Fill the Advanced setting as per your choice

advanced settings

  • After setting the advanced settings, Browse the resultant path 

browse the path

  • Tap on “Export”


  • Later, Press on Save if you want to save your export report

save export report Thunderbird Address Book Mab SQLite

  •  Finally, you can view and access your converted files.

Let’s Sum It Up 

In the end, we described that before the 78.0 version Thunderbird creates abook.mab but after the latest version, SQLite took place format. Therefore, In this informative article, we try to solve the query “Thunderbird Address Book Mab SQLite” given by the foolproof solution by which you will be able to view .mab contacts in the SQLite format.

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