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Tiklacars: Types of Cabs in United Kingdom

Visiting London and getting around the city in comfort is possible with Enfield cabs. London, which offers chauffeur-driven vehicles for airport transfers, executive events, weddings and parties at affordable prices. Here we will discuss the different types of taxis available in UK.

There are steps you can take to make your minicab as comfortable as possible. First of all, avoid booking at peak times unless absolutely necessary. Also, travelling in a group means that a group of people can share the fair price of one person, making it economically viable for everyone if the journey is particularly long. Most importantly, there is a yellow sticker on the front of each official minicab. This sticker means that the minicab is safe and legal, which means that you, as a passenger, can travel with confidence.

Taxi services are available according to the demands and trends of the London public and undoubtedly the best way to travel around London is through chauffeur-driven or private hire taxis, which allow you to travel in comfort and luxury. Let’s take a look at the different types of taxis available for public use in London.

Chauffeur-driven and executive car hire

This is the most luxurious and comfortable way to get around London and the surrounding area. Whether you need to get the Cambridge taxi to the airport to catch a flight or you are returning from a trip and need to be picked up, taxi. London will always send you a chauffeur driven executive vehicle to transport you in comfort and style. You can book the vehicle in advance and relax while we check flights in case of delays. We are confident that we can offer you more for less.

Taxi Hire

This is the most popular and easily accessible Doncaster Taxi service, known as a black taxi or taxi. These vehicles are licensed by a recognized authority, such as the Public Transport Service, and can be hailed anywhere on the street. Their drivers must pass rigorous licensing tests, during which they must memorize all important streets and landmarks.

Private minicab hire

Minicabs are allowed to carry passengers, but with the difference that they cannot be stopped on the street. They must be booked in advance. Apart from this difference, there is a wide range of sizes and shapes available in minicabs. So you can order a sedan, a station wagon or a minivan, depending on your needs. Minicabs can be booked for single use as well as for recurring jobs.


Minibuses are large private hire vehicles that can accommodate up to 30 people. If you have a group visiting in UK or a corporate event planned and need vehicles suitable for transporting large numbers of people, minibuses should be your vehicle of choice. They can be booked in advance and can be hired for events or contracts.

Uber drivers

Recently, with the emergence of online apps and smartphones, a new trend for online taxis has taken shape and has become a major player in private car hire in London. Their dramatic increase in popularity is due to nominal fees and ease of use, as they can even be paid online.

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