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Tips for organizing your closet for move

A messy Closet can lead to wear and tear and waste of time, which often leads to despair. We usually don’t wear half the clothes that we keep in our closets if we do a true count.

All is not lost. There are moments in our lives that allow us to reach into our closets and put an end to the chaos.

It’s a great time to make changes in your house and wardrobe, as well as in your behavior so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Let’s take a look at 4 helpful tips for organizing our closet after a move.

4 steps to organize your closet in a move

We will move from chaos to order. So, like Dante, before we reach Paradise, we will have a descent into hell.

Step 1: Get it all out!

Yes, we must empty every item from the closet without regard to order or method. Everything that is in the closet, drawers or shelves included, must be left empty.

This is a one-off goal: To see the madness and to understand visually and tangibly why we accumulate meaningless clothes and objects.


Step 2: Shoot without looking at the back

More than half the items in our closets are there simply because we don’t want to throw them out, or because we feel some kind of emotional connection.

It is important to sit down and evaluate each item before we dispose of it. It may be easier to let go of things if we consider how they can make someone happy.

Step 3: Create categories

Shoes on one side and clothes on the other. The lunar cycle dictates that winter is above summer and vice versa. It doesn’t matter!

It is important to create categories that make logical sense, and that is easy to follow.

Step 4: Maintain order

After a month, 9 out of 10 people organize their closets. The one person who survives the chaos is us. It is important to customize the methods and categories so that they are easy to follow and consistent.

One practical tip is to take photos of your closet before organizing it. After you are done, you can then clean it up.

It is easy to see in the photo how long it took to get it to its current condition. This helps us remember the effort that was made.

It’s not just the closet

This organization method does not only apply to clothes closets. It applies to all spaces in our house. If you look closely, kitchen cabinets, bookcases, and drawers are as good or worse than wardrobes.

We can export the same 4-step process that we used to make the wardrobe work for the rest of your house.

Moving to a new home and setting up a new chapter in your life are great opportunities to make some changes and have more control over your time.

Professional Residential Moving companies are the experts in organizing and bringing order to chaos. Their expertise in organization, planning, and the use of space is a key part of their work. They will be very helpful in meeting this new challenge.

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