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Tips for working on a construction projects in severe weather conditions

Although most contractors hope to get a full year-round construction schedule there are a lot of things that can make the experience quite difficult. When contractors are planning for an year round construction schedule, they tend to focus on things like contacting clients and reviewing project is specifications with them as well as making sure that their equipment is properly maintained and that all kinds of contractors and subcontractors has been arranged for the jobs ahead. But when they are out there planning for these things there’s one thing that can still blind site them and that is an unpredictable weather. When you’re dealing with extreme weather conditions no matter the amount of planning that goes in you will find yourself at odds with everyone. But you have to remember that whenever a storm hits the focus should remain on the safety of your employees and equipment. 

There are some ways that you can ensure the safety of your employees and equipment when you are dealing with severe weather conditions. Following these tips will allow you to remain safe as you work in these tough times and continue to make progress in your project despite the harsh weather.

Understanding the climate of the construction projects site

One thing that may help you greatly when you are working on a project is looking into the historical data of the weather of your project site. When you look into the historical weather data of the project area, you will be able to get clarity. About the kind of weather conditions that they deal with during that time of the year. Although historical data will not be as accurate as you would like it to be. It will still give you much needed insight on the kind of weather that usually people deal with. 

Long range weather forecast tools

With the help of long-range weather forecast tools, you can plan out the kind of construction projects that you may be able to work on, on that particular day. For instance, if there is a prediction for rain then you can have the workers taking up jobs inside the building well the weather outside settles down. You can talk to your Industrial equipment supplier and tell him that you will be working in harsh weather. The supplier will be able to guide in the type of equipment and tools you can use to better prepare yourself.

You can also have severe weather alerts installed that will let you know of any incoming surprise weather conditions. With the help of these kind of alerts you will get the chance to prepare your machinery for the incoming weather and allow your employees to get to safety.

Have protocols in place to deal with serious weather conditions

Another thing that will help you deal with severe weather conditions is having a checklist that will inform the workers of how to deal with things in case of sudden changes in weather. These protocols can include details like disconnecting power generators or water connections when stopping work due to harsh weather conditions. You should also inform your workers on how they can protect and secure equipment to prevent them from any damage.

Assign workers to prepare for storm conditions

If you were able to get an alert several hours ahead before the storm hits you should have a few workers assigned to help keep the equipment and construction projects site safe and secure. You should also allocate some workers to return after the storm has passed to assess the damage caused by it and help with cleaning up the mess made by it.

Emergency supplies

Make sure to have emergency supplies stocked up if you are working so that if there is any surprise storm or other better conditions that make leaving the job site impossible for the workers, they have all the necessary supplies they may need to get through the night. Things like water bottles flashlight and first aid kits should be available to the workers if they ever need them. Whether or not the need for them arises, you should still be prepared for the worst case scenario.

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