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Top 10 fighting games of 2022

The following are the popular fighting games of 2022


The authors of the military strategy Conflict of Nations: World War 3 reflect on the theme of the Third World War and invite players to take part in the conflict of the future. They have to lead one of the countries and meet with other gamers in complex online battles that can stretch for several days or weeks of playing time. In combat, modern weapons systems are used – tanks , aircraft , ships and other equipment.

Various ways to achieve the goal have been implemented – for example, you can develop technologies and discover weapons of mass destruction, or make alliances with users.


Kingdoms is an improved version of the classic Travian strategy game . In it, you can choose one of two roles – king or governor – and engage in the development of the ancient empire (Roman, Germanic or Gaelic). A run-down village under your leadership will become a prosperous town with a strong army, which will come in handy when raiding bandit camps and the possessions of other gamers.

Travian Kingdoms attracts with style and graphics – it’s like a cartoon about Asterix and Obelix , but without the participation of these two. The game is popular among fans of online strategies, and we recommend that you lead your own empire.


If boring monotonous strategies don’t make you want to play, try something unusual, like Rail Nation . This is a strategic simulator of the railway empire, in which gamers will have to develop their business in six different eras.

Among the activities there are the following: the development of technologies and the discovery of new equipment, the transportation of goods, the laying of paths, the presence of scenarios. The abundance of activities and the level of their implementation will drag anyone into Rail Nation for several evenings, or even more, regardless of their preferred genres.


In My Little Farmies you will go back in time and develop your own village. It all starts with the construction of buildings, laying roads and growing various crops – standard cases for games of this direction. However, everything is done in a medieval style – the design of buildings, the appearance of residents and other elements, which adds charm to the game.

As the village grows, so do the opportunities – for example, you will be able to breed animals and build production chains (for example, for baking bread). An excellent racing games unblocked for those who are tired of medieval and modern wars in online strategies.

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Grepolis also stands out from other games in the collection – this is an ancient strategy in which the player, having enlisted the support of the ancient Greek gods, will develop a small policy (city). Under the auspices of Zeus, Athena, Poseidon and other mythical gods, the user will build buildings, collect a powerful army, which will include various creatures, and capture distant islands.

Grepolis has been operating since 2009, so don’t complain about the outdated visual style – since the game has been around for so long, it means it has something to surprise and keep the audience.


Goodgame Empire is a medieval strategy game with classic gameplay that invites players to turn a run-down village into a powerful kingdom with a strong army. Despite the fact that users have seen the mechanics implement in the game somewhere, here they are elevate to the absolute, along with cartoon graphics that adults will also like.

For example, buildings here can be built anywhere within their territory, there are more than 40 types of buildings, and in the process the player needs to make various decisions (accept or drive out the settlers, make an alliance or start a war with neighbors, and so on).


The medieval strategy Game of Emperors also includes classic gameplay for the genre with castle development, the capture of neighboring provinces, resource extraction and other mechanics. However, in this game, attention is also pay to the internal affairs of the empire – the player will be able to appoint governors, take care of his family, train generals and get loyal allies through marriage. The time of the emperor is not eternal – the heirs will continue his work, and the old people will go to their well-deserved rest.


The Brotherhood of the Dominion immerses gamers in a world torn apart by war by three opposing factions. Acting as the lord of one of them, the player will do the usual things for the genre – mining resources, hiring an army and heroes, as well as seizing the lands of neighbors. Of the highlights of the game are characters with a variety of features, as well as animated tactical battles, the outcome of which often depends on the placement of units in the squad.


Throne: Kingdom at War is a classic free online strategy game available on both PC and mobile phones. The plot is more typical for singles – the player turns out to be the lost child of the Legendary King and tries to regain the rightful throne. It sounds good, but given the total number of players, the power of the Legendary King would be envied by Sultan Moulay Ismail ibn Sherif himself, who had only about 1000 children.

The basic game play of Throne(fighting games): Kingdom at War is standard for such games – get resources, build buildings, do research, equip an army, upgrade heroes and rob neighbors or beat mobs. But the main charm of this game is reveale when joining the Order. And it is worth doing it as early as possible, because one here in the field is not a warrior at all. But, by uniting with like-minded people, it will already be possible to significantly increase their power. And there, who knows, maybe it will be possible to seize that very Throne and become the Great Lord.


Strong hold Kingdoms is a spin-off of the legendary game Stronghold release as an online strategy game. Like the original, most of the time here is spend managing your own medieval castle, which needs to be strengthen, decorate and develop. Some of the fighting games and 3d racing games unblocked mechanics of the single have migrated to the online version, only the economic system has noticeably changed (there are no production chains now, and trading does not happen instantly) and the variety of units (now there are only five types).

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