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Top Things to do in Kudremukh


Home to the third highest peak in Karnataka, Kudremukh Peak is named so, due to its uncanny resemblance to a Horse’s face. Kudremukh is a beautiful part of the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. This trek is located in the National Reserve Forest in Kudremukh. Along with rich grasslands and sumptuous wildlife, there are a plethora of activities that you and your group can do during the trek. From grand falls to small streams through the meadows, the rolling hills covered in misty clouds make this place not less than a paradise. 

Kudremukh Trek

Famous amongst the trekkers, this is a must-do when you travel to Kudremukh. The 9km trek to the 1894m high peak is a journey of five hours. The trek is of moderate level and is adequate for experienced trekkers and fit beginners. The trek gradually gets steeper as you approach the peak, the trek can be physically exhausting and demand your strength while hiking. The view of the peak being surrounded by dense clouds and the view of the Kudremukh valley behind will mesmerize you at every turn, the view of the landscape is so serene, you won’t be able to resist it. 

Once you reach the top, you can sit there in serenity and enjoy the view. As camping isn’t allowed, you have to be back at the base by 6 in the evening. You can reach Kudremukh by your vehicle or by public transport to Kalasa. It is necessary to reach Kalasa early by 7:00 am as the trek allowance for a day is 50 people. The cost of Kudremukh Trek is 200 Rs. Kudremukh Trek can be best experienced during the monsoon and winter season. 

Horanadu Temple

Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka is devoted to the goddess Annapoorneshwari. Amongst the lush green forests of western ghats, this temple is one of the banks of the river Bhadra. Annapoorneshwari, which is defined as, “Goddess of food and nutrition” is said to be a form of Lord Parvati. Everyone visiting the temple is offered food and shelter. The temple celebrates various festivals, most prominently Akshaya Tritya. The evening pooja and darshan enlighten the soul and calm our senses. One should surely pay a visit here and witness the divinity of Goddess Annapoorneshwari. The temple is open every day and the timings are 6:30 am to 9 pm. The best way to reach here is by taking a cab from Bajpe Airport in Mangalore or one can make available public buses.

Hanuman Gundi Falls

The 77ft long water current making its way through the rocks is one of the most beautiful cascades to witness in Karnataka. Located in Kudremukh National Park, Hanuman Gundi Falls is a blissful discovery during your walk through the national park. You can easily get down some steps to explore the falls and watch it from a safe distance. The greenery encircling the falls transports you into a whole new world. A perfect getaway from the city, you can enjoy a day picnic by the misty falls which at times welcomes you with rainbows on a sunny day as well. The road connectivity due to national highway 13 makes it best to visit this place via cab or personal vehicle. It usually takes 2.5-3 hours to reach here from Mangalore.

Lakya Dam Lake

Located in the protected forest of Kudremukh National Park in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka, Lakya Dam Lake is a famous tourist attraction amongst travelers as well as the local population. The composed atmosphere of the lake and wide splendid views of the Kudremukh Forest makes it a place worth visiting. The 1084m long Dam constricts the industrial waste from entering the river Lakya which is a tributary of the river Bhadra. The good road connectivity makes it best to reach here via cab or your vehicle.


Kudremukh, on a parameter of things, offers everything from nature in its rawest form to diverse cultures to explore. Kudremukh is one place that should make on your list as the beauty of Deccan is intricately captured by the valley and mountains of Kudremukh.

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