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Toyota Camry 2007 price in nigeria?

Toyota Camry 2007 price in nigeria?

An excellent performance, a comfortable cabin for passengers and a long history of reliability make it the Toyota Camry a favorite of both the reviewer,  the 2007 toyota camry price in nigeria model is no different. Car and Driver says the Camry remains the “crown, the prince of mainstream,” and Motor Trend awarded its highly coveted Car of the Year award on its 2007 version. Statistics from sales back this claim, since the Camry has been the most popular vehicle within the United States for the past 10 years. “Toyota’s most popular family sedan has been given a total overhaul for 2007” according to Edmund’s. “It’s sleeker, yet conventional, provides more actual and apparent space inside,” reports Kelley Blue Book, “and its steering and braking capabilities are enhanced by a ride focused on comfort.”

U.S. News reviewer Rick Newman states, “For a decent price (a properly-equipped car is priced around the $20s) The Camry is a completely discrete ride, silent and comfortable, as well as very easy to maneuver.” A few reviewers suggest that the cost could be quickly increased by expensive additions. “Toyota might be following in the footsteps of U.S. automakers, starts the car with a low price however, it then load it up with extra options,” according to in the San Francisco Chronicle.

However, there are some that feel that Toyota’s performance is declining. Toyota dropped from the top spot to fifth in the annually conducted Consumer Reports reliability survey, and the V6 Camry earned the “Below average” rating.

What’s missing from the 2007 Toyota Camry?

In 2007, the Toyota Camry

The most significant of these problems led to an enormous recall campaign which affected more than 6 million vehicles. Affected. The Camry during this model year was severely impacted by issues with speed control. The accelerator would occasionally be stuck and this resulted in that the Camry to accelerate beyond control. The Camry’s motor was an area of concern. Car Complaints reported hundreds of complaints regarding the Camry’s engine in 2007 as well as The NHTSA also reported a number of accidents and injuries because of these issues.

But, they were not as serious and threatening as the Camry’s speed-control issue was. The NHTSA states that around three crashes and injuries resulted from the engine issues.

Additionally, to add to the safety concerns that Camry was the fact that Camry came in the issue that breaks of the 2007 Camry were also in trouble. The NHTSA estimates that 12 injuries and 16 crashes resulted from these issues. But, the brake issues mostly impacted Camry with numerous miles, while the speed control and engine issues were prevalent in modern models.

Another issue in 2007 Camry encountered was that it consumed oil. It was not a risky issue, however, it was an expensive and frequent issue. Car Complaints says that the typical owner was required to pay approximately $2,400 to correct this issue.

2007 Toyota Camry Problems To Keep in Your Mind

Toyota Camry has been a popular choice for buyers and reviewers. The reliability, superb performance, and cozy cabin are just some of many great characteristics. 2007. Toyota Camry is not an exception to this either. The Camry is a quiet and comfortable ride that is able to maneuver easily. It has more than 10 years of history as the top-selling car within the United States.

Contrary to the other Camry models, the 2007 model is characterized by an aerodynamic design that increases energy and the quality of life. Some critics have criticized the old Camry as uninspiring.

The Toyota Camry has seen a revamp as well as rework and improvements. It has been upgraded across all parts that include the roof, tires, the dashboard and trunk, as well as the front bumper, as well as the back. It is equipped with a stronger engine as well as different transmissions. In addition, it is more fuel efficient. It is also important to know that Camry models have four-door sedans that can accommodate five passengers.


The model is equipped with the four-wheel disc brake system. The brakes feature assist and ABS, as well as electronic brake force distribution. The seat’s design is designed to reduce injuries that occur from an accident. The airbag fittings of standard design are in place, including the dual-stage front curtain type, driver’s knee and seat-mounts side-impact

Cargo & Towing

One thing that stands out in the 2007 redesign is the towing and cargo. The trunk’s volume decreased. The earlier models had 16.7 cubic feet. The volume was reduced to less than 15 cubic feet in versions LE version and CE version. The earlier Camry models had the capacity to tow 2000 pounds. However, the current models are at 1000 pounds.

Its exterior design is reminiscent of that of 2007. Toyota Camry

Toyota has always been attuned to style. It is evident, for instance, in the 2002 model year the new design of the Camry mid-sized sedan. Then, Toyota stopped it after realizing that the design didn’t appeal to the buyers within the United States. But, the Camry was still a top seller over the next few years. As time passes, it’s becoming clear that bold design can generate more sales, due to rivals. As a dependable listener, Toyota has listened and isn’t taking risks in the fashion department.

Although the redesign of Toyota Camry is not comprehensive overhauling the car however, it’s important. The front of the car looks more slender and provides a more sporty appearance. The wheelbase has grown by about two inches. According to Toyota, the turning diameter of the wheel is 36.1 feet, up from 34.8 feet in the previous four-cylinder models. But, it’s an improvement over the V-6 models, whose turning distance of 36.7 feet.

Although the tails look like those of an Avalon large-sized sedans, you’ll notice the appearance of a hump on your trunk lid because of the shoulders of the fender.

The control and ride

2007 Camry model is throbbing with suspension adjustments. It is most noticeable within the SE model, which had an incredibly smooth ride previously. In contrast, it’s not an exceptional performance. The SE provides a more enjoyable steering experience, compared to older versions.

The car comes with greater balance of body rolls. The SE features more solid springs as well as stabilizer bars as well as shock absorbers.

Stoppages and movements

The four-cylinder engine of 2007’s Toyota Camry is equal in dimensions against the other 200 model models. Although Toyota promises some improvements to the engine, evidence of output specifications isn’t clear. The standard is a manual five-speed transmission, however it is also available as an optional five-speed automatic.

Comparatively, to the model of 2006, the Camry V6, claims are that the 2007 model could provide a 40% boost in acceleration. The brand new automatic transmission is lighter in terms of magnitude and friction. These attributes are a result of a gear train that has the planet gear that is made of the Ravigneaux compound. The automatics feature an automatic mode that is clutch-free. It is important to understand that 2007’s Toyota Camry V6 has more performance and is more efficient without affecting fuel efficiency.

If you’re in search of an SUV that is high-mileage, Consumer Reports notes Toyota Camry as one of the top vehicles to drive. If you do routine maintenance, Toyota Camry models are able to last for more than 200k miles on the road. Toyota Camry stands out in regard to reliability, modifications as well as resale high-end.

What year of Camry to stay clear of?

You might want to steer clear of Camry 2009. It also consumed plenty of oil, even, but owners had to reach into their pockets to address the problem. But, the majority of issues of 2009 were evident in the model of 2007.

What is the average mileage of an 2007 Toyota Camry Last?

200,000 miles. If taken care of properly, Toyota Camry models will last for more than 200 000 miles. But, it’s important to remember that city-based miles tend to be the most challenging on vehicles, as opposed to highway distances.

What is the expected life expectancy of the Toyota Camry?

A car will last for around 8 years. In 2007, the Toyota Camry will serve you for the same time, and might even last for 10 years.

All-too-common Toyota Camry Problems You Might Meet

Toyota Camry are the most popular option for those who want the most comfortable and safe ride. Yet, despite its fame for dependability, this Toyota Camry is prone to its own set of frequent issues. Some of them could be very costly to fix.

If your car is always calling the mechanic, you’re probably ready to think about selling it. Find out the common problems that are affecting those who own the Toyota Camry and what to do if your repair costs begin to mount up.

The most frequent Problems in 2007 Toyota Camry Problems

The 2007 Toyota Camry has issues that could pose a serious risk for drivers. This includes:

Engine issues.

The vehicle is plagued with excessive oil consumption that means that drivers need to fill up the tank more often than they have to. The cost is increasing over time.

Toyota issued a recall for between 2007 and 2009. Toyota Camry for this issue however it was not extensive in its scope. 

Dashboard issues.

Whatever the reason, the material on the dashboard could be melted after a couple of years and a lot of time in the sunlight. Drivers complain that it hinders their driving because it impacts their view at the roadway.

Toyota temporarily extended their warranty to cover this issue, however the 2007 models are not under warranty. It may cost up to $2,000 or more to replace the dashboard.

Brake issues.

The brake actuator as well as the brake boosters could abruptly fail, causing serious dangers on the road.

In the case of the brake booster, motorists will be able to see the pedal press until it reaches the floor, and they may also hear a squealing sound. It is possible to spend $2,000 to repair this actuator. It will cost $1,000 and $1,500 to fix the brake boosters.

Most common Problems in 2012 Toyota Camry Problems

Its 2012 Camry is yet another model with a problem with some issues on its own. This includes:

AC issues.

Many Camry owners have complained that the AC is an incredibly unpleasant musty smell. It doesn’t seem to impact the security of the car, however, it could be an extremely unpleasant experience for motorists.

Transmission issues.

Many drivers have reported that they’re 2012. Toyota Camry has transmission problems. The most notable issue is that drivers have complained that the transmission could suddenly fail, even though the car is relatively new.

Average failure rates are less than 45,000 miles. Repairing the transmission is likely to cost about $5000.

Engine issues.

Similar to the 2007-2009 Toyota Camry, many drivers have complained that 2012’s model uses oil too much. It is crucial to examine the oil regularly, since driving a car without oil could seriously harm the engine.

While this year’s Camry is widely regarded as an excellent model, it has a few issues which have been widely reported:

Paint issues.

In a vehicle that is relatively new, one would expect that the paint will remain intact. However, it’s susceptible to peel prematurely. Toyota took care of the issue in its warranty coverage for three years.

Fortunately, it’s something that is cosmetic and is not a issue for driving. However, if you’re concerned about the look of your vehicle, it could cost you for more than $2,000 to paint it.

Engine issues.

Some drivers have reported unexpected acceleration when driving. The car might be hesitant to respond , before suddenly turning more quickly than anticipated.

This is a serious risk to safety on the road. Be aware of your surroundings and ensure that you leave enough space between yourself and the vehicle in front of you.

The most frequent Problems in 2018 Toyota Camry Problems

The 2018 Toyota isn’t too old that it shouldn’t come with too many complaints. But there are some complaints which have made it to date:

Transmission issues.

Some drivers have complained that the 2017 Toyota Camry has transmission problems. The car shifts in a jerky manner when driving, but it may take a while to shift gears, and could react abruptly after a long delay.

Toyota has issued a technical bulletin in response to the issue however, some customers have complained that the bulletin was not able to resolve the issue. It’s a brand-new car. Issues with the transmission this early may be an indication of issues.

Brake issues.

Some drivers have mentioned that at times, breaks may cease to be responsive. 

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