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Types of Exhibition Stands you should know about

Your exhibition stand is your threat to polish at a display or industry show. With many options out there deciding on an excellent exhibition set-up may be a challenge. In this article, we can cowl all of the one-of-a-kind styles of exhibition stand design and presentations in-depth.

Many things should not forget when deciding on an exhibition stand design and build together with price and installation. The custom exhibition stands and modular exhibition stand is a clear winner. This is a sustainable, reusable, and reconfigurable exhibition. These stands permit you to show merchandise, and AV uniquely attracts crowds. Every industry is one-of-a-kind, and you can discover a one-of-a-kind answer to help you obtain your goals.

Different types of exhibition stands

There are masses of reasons why your brand need to showcase. But it’s now no longer as smooth as clicking your arms and loads of leads fall on for your lap.

  • Organizing your exhibition takes time. You need to be placing objectives, locating the proper display, and determining your price range. Then it’s time to locate exhibition stand design companies to make your desired stand into reality.
  • If you’re new to exhibitions you won’t recognize the distinction between a show and an exhibition stand. An exhibition gives you a 2D photo that presents your brand message. These can stand alone, and be constant on the wall of a shell scheme to create a big design.
  • An exhibition stand has plenty more to it. Exhibition stand design with 3-D systems constructed for groups to show off their merchandise or services. The walls, or framework, may be clad in your graphics to show a branded message. However, you’ve got tons of possibilities in phrases of shape, design, AV integration, and product showcasing.

This manual tells you the entirety you want to recognize the one-of-a-kind styles of exhibition stand design and build.

Custom-modular exhibition stands

  • This stand is for you if you’re showing, and recognize the cost of getting a presence at a display. There are terms of the kind of exhibition stand you want. The first of those is a custom-modular exhibition stand.
  • A custom-modular exhibition stand has all of the perks of a primary modular showcase. It is a reusable gadget that is easy to deliver and store. Although a custom modular exhibition stand is likewise 100% reconfigurable. In this manner, you may use it for each occasion and adapt the form of it to fit your needs.

What makes this kind of stand higher than its primary opposite numbers is the layout. A custom-modular exhibition stand offers you a unique answer to stand out. It may be constructed for your specs, to shape any ground area along with shell scheme and area simplest.

Shell scheme graphics

  • Shell schemes are a kind of exhibition stand design in them due to the fact the shape is already there. The floors are in, there are strength sockets and lights in the region and the framework makes a smooth show choice.
  • A shell scheme area is a fee-powerful exhibition stand answer. It calls for much less control because the necessities are blanketed in the package. You have options in terms of the kind of exhibition stand you need to apply inner a shell scheme area.
  • Depending on the dimensions of your shell scheme you can create a custom or modular exhibition stand shape. It also has photo panels in the shell scheme framework.

    Modular exhibition displays

  • The modular exhibition stand is made up of various blocks which hyperlink collectively to present a photo. It may be built for an exhibition after which taken down, saved, and reused. This makes it a sustainable showing choice. Essentially, this kind of show bridges the distance between pull-up banners and pop-up presentations.
  • Setting up a modular exhibition stand can be barely more difficult; however nevertheless without difficulty. The simplest drawback is that your exhibition stand design is limited. This kind of exhibition stand is a 2D shape that gives little wow aspect whilst as compared with custom exhibition stands.
  • Building a modular exhibition stand is much like constructing a tent. You join poles to shape a pop-up shape that you repair photos directly to. The result is a big photo that like numerous banners or pop-ups caught collectively to suit your area.

    Pull-up and pop-up exhibition displays

  • The pull-up banner is the perfect exhibition stand design to gather. You can set it up to your personal in seconds. A general pull-up banner is 2m high, and the width can range relying on your needs.
  • Pop-up exhibition presentations do simply that, they pop up. They take barely any longer to gather and also you want to repair the photos yourself. Usually, those are revealed onto PVC or sheets of fabric. These days we’ve got visible exhibition stand design companies that use one-of-a-kind substances together with cardboard or honeycomb board.
  • You will be aware of pull-up and pop-up presentations used inside shell scheme spaces. Pull-up banners are standalone presentations while pop-up presentations also can line shell schemes walls. Their ease of assembly, portability, and coffee fee lead them a secure choice for first-time exhibitors.

Among a pop-up exhibition show or a pull-up banner are the 3 key differences:


  • Time

You can erect a pull-up banner in seconds, while a pop-up exhibition stands design and build take longer (relying on the dimensions of your stand and your experience).

  • Size

Pull-up and pop-up exhibition presentations are normally 2m high; however, pop-ups tend to be tons wider. A usual pull-up banner is 75cm – 100cm while a pop-up show is between 2m and 4m.

  • Cost

Pop-up exhibition presentations range in fee, as they do in size. Among the important errors exhibitors make is deciding on their exhibition stand design totally on its fee. Although the fee will in all likelihood be a vital aspect, you need to see it as a long-time period of funding.

Custom-build exhibition stands

  • The 2D kind of exhibition stand that extreme exhibitors need is a custom exhibition stand. These stands tend to be the belle of the ball as they take a seat down in high places. Custom exhibition stands are constructed consistent with your specifications.
  • A custom construct has the benefit of being unique. Often, exhibition stand contractors will exit in their manner to design something gravity-defying. The complete exhibition stand is constructed on the occasion for you.
  • Custom-construct stands to present your authority at a trade display. Others will recognize they are more steeply priced than different exhibition presentations. The high places assist to set up your brand’s popularity in the industry. 

Choosing the right type of exhibition stand for you

Making certain you pick out the proper exhibition stand design and build is vital for your achievement at a display. Your team will carry out higher if they sense assured approximately the manner the stand looks. This manual tells about the types of exhibition stands that will help you make the proper choice.

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