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Vlone of brand and vlone new variety

Polyester or cotton Vlone shirts are frequently made and sold in stores and online by Vlone. Even after washing and wearing, the Vlone shirt won’t lose its shape. People looking for shirts made of a thicker material that won’t shrink while washing or fade in the sun may consider this comfy and stylish Vlone shirt from the Vlone apparel store.

What led you to choose to support this particular brand?

When following the Vlonefashion, it’s critical to understand and maintain human behavior in all situations, including positive and negative ones, no matter what. V lone’s etymology translates as “to stand alone.” Being devoted and constantly choosing the right course of action over standing against the World, as exemplified by Ian Connor, requires guts. The ASAP Bari, who can claim the hoodie clothes at V Shop, is an example of the bad side.

You may purchase the finest clothing and accessories here at the most competitive costs thanks to the brand’s trademark, LVDV.

 Vlone Logo Communicate


The Vlone logo is an enigmatic and potent design. The fascinating aspect of the design and clothing line is that a U.S. rapper by the name of Space Ghost Purrp served as a major source of inspiration. The gloomy design of the Vlone brand is mostly a result of the rapper’s admiration for the Memphis hip-hop group Three 6 Mafia.

The Vlone motto is “Live Vlone, Die Vlone T-shirt.The American psychological thriller flick Donnie Darko is the source of this amusing comment. The dialogue between Donnie and the woman can hear at one point in the film. He’s giving her a pro-life quotation. He told Donnie that every living thing was “dying alone.” Vlone produced after snatching this incredibly daring conversation.


The History of the Vlone Logo

The company’s tagline is “You live alone and die alone.” Hip-hop collective A$AP MOB members A$AP Rocky, A$AP Bari, and Edison Chen of CLOT founded Vlone. Bari asserts that Vlone is a lifestyle company that does not fit into the high fashion or streetwear categories. The Harlem neighborhood of New York, where The A$AP Mob was founded, had an impact on the brand’s DNA.


The primary Vlone logo has the company’s name in a legible serif typeface. The letter’s sizes are odd, and the glyphs are noticeably taller. The word is split into two uneven sections using colors. The letter “V” is always rendered in a distinct, more vivid color, such as blue, green, red, and more, regardless of whether the word “lone” is written in white or black.

History of Vlone

  • After Kimono Chandler left, hip-hop musician Jabari Shelton took over as the clothing line’s founder. The CLOT team’s Edison Chen was also invite to participate in the design development process. In an interview with the New York-based media site Mass Appeal, the owner of the company claimed that while he lived in Harlem, he learned from in-store fittings. Then they took measurements, felted the materials, and even stole clothes while hanging out with friends.
  • When the business first debuted its collection in 2014, Vlone made its debut. In addition to taking part in the Paris Fashion Week catwalk presentation, she started working with Nike in 2017. The fashion brand has since collaborated with renowned businesses and designers.
  • As a result, a simple and stylish logo has gained widespread recognition. Among the things printed with them brand sweatshirts, T-shirts, jackets, hoodies, blazers, sweatshirts, shoes, and hats. And a phone call was what spurred their sales. Early in March 2014, one of the band members spoke to the crowd while donning apparel with the coveted “V” on the chest. The main idea of the speech was “Your rules will be tomorrow.” He then gave the crowd brand-new T-shirts to wear. The business launched its first online collection the following day.
  • The company’s logo incorporates its motto, “Live alone and die alone.” The word “Alone”  highlight since “V” is just an inverted “A,” as intend by the developers. It shows.


  • The notion of building the mainstream expansion of the pop-up music genre was directly influence by Vlone productions. The fact that they can call Harlem, New York, the birthplace of streetwear and casual apparel, is something that someone thinks to be a great blessing. The company’s creator was A$AP Bari, better known by his stage name Jabari Shelton, who launched this music production ten years ago. The A$AP members, especially A$AP Bari and A$AP Rocky, who demonstrate their incredible dedication to constructing a position for harsh and difficult musical harmony, can be directly blame for the success of Vlone music. Playboi Carti and Ian Connor, however, also garnered a lot of love and acclaim for bringing the concept of pop music to the streets.
  • Traditional hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants, and fashion-related accessories  prepare to enter Vlone’s romantic life. V-shaped garments allow teenagers and young adults to wear considerably more comfortable fashions. The young had something unique and novel in the form of Vlone merchandise. When the sole streetwear music band changed their wave into the best fashion brand ever. Nike was ready to take on Vlone’s shines, and their strong engagement often yields results. The Nike Air Force 1s, whose color combination of Vlone Orange and black propels retailer sales to their peak, is how the world receives it.


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