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What are the functions of the school management system?

The introduction of NEP 2020 has been encouraging the institutes to integrate technology with education to get accreditation and to offer high standards of education for the students.

Admission Management-

The school management system automates the entire function of admission management in school using digitization and the implementation of advanced technologies. The ERP campus solution conducts the following processes-

  •       Collects online application forms from the students using website forms or Google forms
  •       Gives login credentials to the students after they fill out the form to check the status
  •       The system generates a merit list that can be accessed online by the parents
  •       The software confirms student admission and allocates classes, divisions, etc
  •       The parents can communicate with teachers easily through email/SMS and call
  •       The parents can pay online fees through various virtual mediums like net banking

The school ERP software simplifies the task of admission management for teachers and students and reduces their workload to a large extent. It enables a complete admission process through online mediums.

Data Management-

The schools collect loads of data every day from admission, attendance, fee payment, examination, and other sources.  The school management system tracks all the student data and keeps it safely in the cloud storage platform. 

The data can be easily searched and retrieved using keywords. This enhances the institute’s operations and eliminates the need for manual data handling using files, documents, and safe storage space.

Online Examination-

The students can attempt exams using a laptop/mobile phone and an internet connection. The ERP campus solution uses anti-cheating technology to ensure that students are not attempting any malpractices like cheating, impersonation, etc during the exams.

The system eliminates the need for physical space and papers for exam conduction. It simplifies the examination process for teachers and students. The software keeps track of all activities of students and takes frequent snapshots of their screens to monitor their activities. 

Data Analysis-

The school management system conducts data analysis operations using AI technology to ensure that the management makes data-driven decisions in various aspects of the institute such as finances, infrastructure, teaching-learning, and others. Further, it helps to improve the functioning of the software by analyzing users’ feedback.

The use of BI technology helps to gain graphical analysis of the data in various formats like graphs, tables, and pie charts to enable dashboard analysis of the data.

Secure Operations-

The school management system gives role-based access to the students and teachers based on their responsibilities in the institute. 

The introduction of NEP 2020 has put major emphasis on increasing the number of admissions in schools to educate more children every year.  This has increased the number of student admission every year.

 Here’s how a school management app reduces manual workload.


The School Management System helps the institute to automate all the tasks and activities that are conducted in the school beginning from admission application to finance management and various other aspects of the institute. The system digitizes the entire process and reduces faculty workload to a major extent.

. The software helps schools to ease the process of admission management as well. It can also be integrated with systems to ensure smooth workflow of operations.

Data Management-

The online school management system helps in systemic data management in the schools. The schools collect data from various sources such as attendance, admissions, exam, and others. 

The school management system is an ERP solution based on a cloud platform offering easy data access, safe storage, processing, and backup options. It helps in easy report generation and data exporting as required.

The software makes use of AI technology to analyze the collected data to make data-driven decisions. This process eliminates the requirement of human efforts to create heavy data files and merge them for requirements.

Admission Management-

The admission management software helps the schools to conduct the most complicated part of their management with ease. The students and parents fill out the application forms online and receive login credentials to check the admission status of the students.

The online system also allows the parents to pay fees using online methods such as credit/debit cards, UPI, net banking, and others. They receive an e-receipt for payment confirmation. This eliminates the student’s effort to visit schools for these processes. Further, it reduces the need to stand in queues and take admissions offline. 

The schools collect loads of data every day from admission, attendance, fee payment, examination, and other sources. This data needs to be processed and stored safely for easy operations in the future. The school management system tracks all the student data and keeps it safely in the cloud storage platform. The data is stored centrally so that it can be easily accessed by all authorized individuals in the institute.

Conclusion –

The school management system is a one-stop solution to simplify all the school’s activities using advanced technologies and rich features.  It is based on a cloud platform for high security and easy data management. It is easy to use for everyone.


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