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What is the Role of a Serviced Accommodation Management Firm?

Serviced accommodation management companies are growing in popularity worldwide as property owners enter the short-term rental industry to make a side income.

Serviced accommodation management companies are able to help you launch your short-term rental company without any hassle.

You might not be familiar with the niche, have no experience in the letting industry, don’t know where you should start, and are unsure whether you want to open your own vacation rental.

But, it is easy to get a vacation rental running with the help of many vacation rental management companies.

They can take some or all of the management responsibility off your shoulders and make your life easier.

What Are the Main Roles of a Serviced Accommodation Management Firm?


  • They Manage Listings

A vacation rental management company is responsible for marketing your vacation rental by listing it on several online booking platforms, such as Airbnb,, and Expedia.

Serviced accommodation management companies offer photography services that will take high-resolution photos of your vacation rental. It uploads professional photos taken to show your rental at its best. A well-written listing description can encourage visitors to book with the company.

These companies are always looking for new OTAs to list your vacation rentals on different platforms. They edit your listings and update your amenities list.

  • They Manage All the Operations

Operation management can include housekeeping, repairs, routine maintenance, renovation, and interior design.

By enlisting the help of skilled housekeeping and maintenance staff, a quality vacation rental management company can manage all aspects of your property.

These companies will make your vacation home available for rent. They also maintain it in pristine condition by doing regular inspections to spot any problems and fixing them immediately.

Services of a management company for accommodation services will do everything necessary to ensure that your property is in top condition. Your guests will feel at home and have an unforgettable stay. You will receive glowing reviews.

  • They Manage the Booking Process

There are many stages to the booking process. Each step requires a lot more guest communication. By taking the stress out of bookings, a vacation rental management company will save you time and money.

The short-term rental management service manages all guest communications and handles guest complaints. They are also available for any guest’s needs during their stay.

They manage the check-in/out, key handovers, greeting guests at arrival, and coordination with the concierge and front desk staff.

Vacation rental management companies offer personalized guest experiences and encourage guests to leave reviews.

  • They Maximize the Occupancy Rate and Business Revenue

An experienced vacation rental management company will market your property to its intended audience.

They will search for new OTAs to help your property get the best exposure and ensure that you have bookings throughout the year.

A serviced accommodation management company has several other vital roles. One is to maximize your ROI by optimizing your vacation rental pricing. To reduce OTA commissions and maximize your return on investment, they must make serious efforts to increase direct bookings.

A small commission paid to serviced accommodation management firms can yield a substantial return over the long term, with increased bookings, more significant profit margins, and minor damage to your property.

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