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What You Need To Know About Handmade Crochet

Handmade jewelry is undoubtedly an art. And those who are obsessed with it, artists. Few people can choose the right pieces from an ocean of poorly built handmade accessories. 

If, in the realm of pearls and crystals, you have your sights set on crochet accessories, then I can safely assume that you are one of the grandchildren that your parents and grandparents adore the most. 

Handmade crochet jewellery is not just an item of jewellery or an accessory to use; rather, it is the maker’s artistic and creative expression through the medium of crocheting. Craftsmen in the 19th century were responsible for the development of crochet as an art form. 

It’s a type of needlework in which you make different kinds of fabric by working with a single thick or thin thread or yarn. 

Their ability has significantly improved over the course of this era, as evidenced by the handmade crochet jewellery and crochet dresses. It can be difficult to work with for those who are unaware that crochet can be used to create such a wide variety of items because of this misconception. 

You can now purchase books that contain crochet patterns, which has made things a great deal simpler. These patterns are typically written up by various Handmade Crochet Designers. The manner in which each individual evaluates the pattern might be different, but in order to read a crochet pattern, you need to become familiar with the fundamental abbreviations that are used. 

However, people are surprised when they see crochet work because they are amazed by the jewellery, dresses, and accessories that people who don’t crochet are wearing, even though they are aware that they are missing out on so much about crochet work that is handmade. 

There are a lot of myths floating around about handmade crochet that are preventing people from trying it out, even though many of you have the ability to make money with it and enjoy doing it. Let’s have a conversation about it.

Myths About Handmade Crochet 

Making The Use Of Thread Crochet Is Hard

 Well, some people who used to yarn crochet find it challenging to put their hands on thread crochet, but it’s not that difficult. Both are similar. Thread has a thin quality and smaller hooks, but the procedure and pattern are identical. Buy crochet thread, not sewing or embroidery thread.

Crochet Is The Same As Knitting

I’ve seen people always get confused with Crochet and knitting. They do share some same elements, but both are different in some ways. In knitting, we use a couple of long needles to mold the loops, striding a set of loops from one needle to another. 

In Crochet, we use a sole crochet hook to create precious things. Hooks with tiny hooked ends come in all sizes, from small to large. 

Crocheters are for oldies

The most common misconception and rumor stop young people from choosing this mastery. Yes, many oldies used to do this, and it’s brilliant and the most enjoyable activity. 

And now many young people and teenagers enjoy it. There’s no limitation on it; even men and women of certain different ages love crocheting. 

Crochets items are always machine made

Let’s not forget how our granny started crocheting in their early times, there were no machines but two hands acting as a machine all the time. 

What’s handmade and what’s not can be identified. However, experts can somehow do knitting through sewing machines, but the original handmade crochet/knitting work is incomparable. 

Crochet Hooks

There are various types of crochet hooks in handmade crochet jewelry. All of them work in distinctive ways. Not All hooks are equal; you’ve to choose wisely according to the thread/yarn you are. I am going to use it. 

This guide will not just drive you through hook materials, sizes, and the style of crochet hooks but will also teach you how to hold them.

Material And Size Of Crochet Hooks

Metal hooks are more popular because they are less expensive than other materials used to make crochet hooks, which have a variety of qualities.The classic aluminum hooks of handmade crochet jewelry come in many colors and are durable. 

Wooden hooks are beautiful and come in many shapes and styles. They are hard to break; the alternative is a Bamboo hook which shares similar features to wooden ones. Small wood hooks are more likely to break. Lastly, the majority of people also buy plastic hooks. 

All hooks come in different sizes, usually based on the thickness of the shaft.

While some only have one, many hook sizes are marked with a letter and a number.. 

A 7mm crochet hook is for miniature crocheting. Otherwise, Smaller hooks make neater and tighter Crochet, while larger hooks produce more massive crochets with a more open weave. 

How To Hold A Crochet Hook

Everyone holds their crochet hooks differently. The first way of holding a hook is just how you use a knife for cutting food, called the “knife grip.” For crochet art to be enjoyable and prevent fatigue, a comfortable hook with the ideal grip is required.

Holding it with your thumb, balancing it with three fingers, and positioning your index finger on top of the hook. Another exciting way is “pencil grip.” You grip the hook just like you hold a pencil, using your thumb and index finger while balancing it with your hand. 

Using Yarn crochets to make blankets, trendy sweaters, and dresses. Crocheting boosts your self-esteem, and it is a great way to release stress, teaches us the use of various crafts, and enhances our art. Handmade crochets also help us practice and refine our motor skills. 


It’s exciting yet beautiful work to spend your leisure time doing. Now with this article, you can give crocheting your best try and make the most of handmade crochet jewelry. From making thread crochet such as crochet garter, bouquet now, crochet doilies, exquisite jewelry. 

God’s handmade craft has delivered you enough knowledge about the significance and use of Handmade crochet jewelry. If you don’t try it, you’ll never learn it. Now it’s your turn to make the most of it. Wear handmade crochet jewelry because it’s more durable than other materials, and bring updates to your fashion through crocheting. 

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