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Where to Look for Short-Term Temporary Jobs That Will Look Good on Your Resume and How to Find Them

Short term temporary jobs provide a source of income for millions of people in the United States.

Diverse industries are starting to increase their temporary staffing as the year goes on in response to economic booms and structural changes brought on by the health crisis. Short term temporary jobs are a great option to pursue if you value having some leeway in your schedule, gaining valuable work experience, and being exposed to new things.

But where do you even begin when it comes to looking for employment that is only temporary?

Because you are just starting out in your career, you don’t have much to show potential employers when they review your CV to decide whether or not you would make a suitable employee.

That’s okay! There is yet a chance for us to embark upon this trip together, chum. We are well-versed in the processes necessary to locate short-term temporary jobs that will look excellent on your CV and lead to permanent positions that are even more desirable in the future.

Establish Contact with an Employment or Staffing Agency

Temporary staffing agencies often do not adhere to the conventional hiring procedure that you are probably already familiar with.

They instead rely on temporary help and staffing companies to handle the employment process on their behalf. If they performed the hiring themselves, they would be devoting a significant amount of time to this role, preventing them from concentrating on the work that must be done.

In order to become associated with a staffing agency, you do not require any previous experience; rather, your ambitions and work ethic are sufficient to get you in the door.

Because you won’t have to pay anything to use a staffing agency’s services, you’ll have access to all of the opportunities they currently have available, making it much easier for you to keep track of everything. These businesses are seeking applicants with a range of qualities, including but not restricted to the following:

  • They are looking for temporary work that they can depend on.
  • Have an awareness of their current skill set and an eagerness to improve upon it
  • Have a clear idea of the kind of job they want to do but are also willing to explore uncharted territory and take advantage of new chances.
  • Have a solid grasp of the industry-specific and role-specific safety criteria.
  • They are responsible, have a means of transportation that is dependable, and are able to arrive on time.
  • Are prepared to make a spectacular first impression and add valuable experience to their resumes

How Employment Agencies Can Assist You in Locating Short-Term Temporary Jobs

Staffing and temporary firms have made it their specialty to fill positions at industry-leading businesses. They are genuine specialists, and they are rooting for your achievement. After you have had your initial session with them, they will assist you in preparing for the interview and will also work to ensure that you are hired. They are able to do this by:

Providing Access to Positions That Aren’t Listed Online For You to Apply For. 

A significant number of businesses employing people for temporary labor are trying to fill vacancies in addition to those they publish online for available jobs. They are primarily reliant on those organizations for those requirements because they collaborate with those agencies in the employment process. Once you become a member of the group, you will have access to the ever-growing list of temporary work opportunities. In addition, the staffing agency will keep you updated whenever there is a vacant position that would be a good fit for your skills and experience.

Maintain a Constant Flow of Work. 

Working short-term temporary jobs allows you to shift into a new position as soon as your current one ends, as well as the flexibility to take a break and look for new temporary work at a later time.

Your staffing agency will inform you of the opportunities open whenever you are ready to go back to work. That way, you won’t need to worry about getting another job as soon as possible.

Assisting You in the Construction of Your Resume 

Staffing firms are aware of what these organizations are seeking. They work with individuals daily who are interviewing for roles similar to these.

They will help you work on your CV as you continue to work with them, not just in the beginning but also in the future.

This includes giving you advice on the best course of action to take in order to make your resume truly stand out from the competition.

Developing Your Resume for Interim Positions

It is not all that different from including prior employment on your resume to including the short term temporary jobs you have done. The following are the key points to keep in mind:

Indicate that the staffing company is your employer on the application.

If a staffing firm offered you a temporary position and you obtained the job through them, you should mention the staffing company as your employer.

However, prospective employers would want to get in touch with the staffing company for employment verification and other crucial information. You can also include the company where you worked.

It is to your advantage to amass as much experience as possible. Companies that hire temporary workers want to know that you can adapt to diverse circumstances.

Therefore it is beneficial to have a few different examples of how you can change to different settings. Please include a description of each role that is relevant.

Talk about your experiences, interactions, and any standout accomplishments you had while serving in the relevant place.


Short-term temporary jobs can be a great source of income and also help your resume look impressive and weighty.

Staffing agencies can help you find short term jobs to help build a smooth way to a bright career. 

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