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Who is Camidas Swain?

Camidas Swain is a son of Cameron Jerrell Newton, a retired NFL quarterback. He was born on the 6th of July in 2018 and is three years old. He will attend school when he’s an adult. He has a brother named Cecil Newton, who played for the Jacksonville Jaguars. His father, Cami’s paternal uncle, was a quarterback for the Howard Bison during the mid-2010s.

The footballer and model married Cam’s mother, a stripper named Kia. The parents were never married and were not even together when their son was born. The footballer’s relationship with Kia Proctor ended in 2013, and the two are no longer together. Because of the custody battle, Camidas is dealing with a lot of family drama and is battling with his mother and the two other parents for custody of the baby.

After a brief relationship with a former stripper, Cam and La Reina Shaw separated. They have a son, Jaden. However, Cam and La Reina have not publicly shared pictures of their son. Although they have been dating since 2013, their relationship has not been a secret. They are reportedly very close, and they have a son together. He’s currently married to the same woman, who has two children.

Camidas Swain Family:

Camidas Swain is the third child of NFL star Cameron Jerrell Newton. His father is an American football player, and his mother is a former stripper. The two aren’t married, but the couple’s relationship has dissolved and their relationship has come to an end. This celebrity child is currently a part of custody drama. The father has filed for joint custody with his former girlfriend Kia Proctor, a stripper turned model.

Camidas Swain Newton is a well-known athlete. He’s married to model Kia Proctor. He has four children. He is married to Kia Proctor, and their relationship is not known. Their son is not famous, but is enjoying a high-profile lifestyle. He’s a proud father who is a former stripper. The father is also a footballer.

Camidas Swain Career:

Camidas Swain Newton is a famous footballer and a member of the Georgian national team. He is also a father to three children. The couple is living a luxurious life. They are not married, but they’re in a long-term relationship. They live in the Hamptons. He’s a good father. It’s not clear whether the boy will marry Cam or his girlfriend.

The first child of Cam and Kia Newton, Camidas Swain Newton is the third child of the couple. He is the son of a retired football player and a former stripper. His parents were never married, but their relationship broke up in 2013. They were dating for a long time before they got engaged in 2021. The son is a successful athlete with three children. In addition to his father, Cam is also a model.

While Camidas is the only child of his parents, he is still very close to his father. His parents have two other children, Camidas and Shakira. As a stepfather, he is a proud stepfather. His daughter, Shakira, has a sister named Jerome, and his father is his partner. The family lives in Atlanta, Georgia. While the two have a long-term relationship, Cam is the sole parent of the three children.

Camidas Swain’s father, Cameron Jerrell Newton, is an American football player. He has four children, including a half-sister named Shakira. Her mother worked as a stripper in her early years. He is also the father of Caesar, a runner. While Camidas’ father is a professional athlete, his wife is a model. They are currently dating, and the youngest child is a rapper.

As a Actor Career:

As a model and dancer, Kia Proctor has earned millions of dollars in endorsement deals and from her television show. In addition, she has been married to the same football player since 2013, and their daughter was born in 2014. She and Cam are still together, and their daughter was born in 2015 and is named Cashmere Saint. They split the children equally. The two are divorced and undergoing a custody battle.

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