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Why and How to Select Security Systems in Mandurah

Introduction to Choosing a Home Security System in Mandurah

You may be wondering how effective a home security system in Mandurah is in deterring burglars from acting out their intentions. According to insurance provider Budget Direct, installing a security camera system or doorbell camera is about 50% effective in preventing crimes from taking place.
Also, according to one source, former NSW Minister of Police Troy Grant stated during his tenure that CCTV footage could help NSW police gather information, and investigate criminal activities. He also said that CCTV cameras lowered the risk of a crime taking place.

What does a home security system consist of?

A home security system in Mandurah and elsewhere is anything that helps keep your home and property secure from unwanted visitors/intruders/criminals. This means sensor lights in your home, door deadlocks, window locks, CCTV systems, security alarm systems, etc., can all be considered part of its security system.
There are different types of home security systems, including traditional security systems, wireless security systems, DIY security systems, and smart home security systems. We’d recommend a monitored alarm system to reduce the amount of time the criminal is inside your home or property, and so that the monitoring centre is alerted to the intrusion taking place and takes appropriate action.

What is the difference between a CCTV system and an alarm system?

A CCTV system in Mandurah and elsewhere consists of a number of cameras installed around the property and a digital recorder. It is different from an alarm system in that the former’s purpose is simply to allow for the live-viewing of the home by way of a smartphone or computer.
Its footage can be used to gather details on an occurrence and may lead to people being convicted. It records activities being carried out externally and sometimes internally around a house, but doesn’t warn a monitoring centre and the homeowner regarding them.

When is a home security system necessary to install?

Right after you’ve had a scare isn’t the best time to install a home security system: it should be in place much earlier to prevent such an occurrence.

A home security system should have how many security cameras in Mandurah?

It depends on your home, what type of neighbourhood you live in, and how much security you are seeking. An alarm system with a few motion detectors is sufficient for some, while others would prefer more. You need to cover anything you don’t want getting stolen and at least the points of entry to your home.
Your assets would include your motorbikes, cars, safes, heirlooms, etc. The points of entry are: the path leading to the front door, the front door, back door, path leading to the back door, and driveway.

What features do you look for when selecting a home security system?

It’s recommended to opt for a home security system that’s functional, easy to install, with wireless capabilities, 24/7 monitoring, scalability, and smart home system integration. Security systems can be customised to your home’s layout and your requirements, so if you want to operate your security system using your smartphone, let the installer or contractor know (that’s us).
What you need to consider when deciding on an alarm system are: contract requirements, type of equipment, affordability, monitoring options (CCTV, internet, GPRS, PTSN), after-sale support.

How much does a home security system cost?

Self-monitored or unmonitored systems cost the least to purchase, and in terms of running costs. On average, Australians will have to pay $2,000 or more for a security alarm system. The actual cost of an alarm system varies between several hundred dollars and several thousand dollars.
HE Technology is a licensed security installer – why not give us a call today and see how we can help you with home security in Mandurah or other cities? Contact us on 08 6119 3848, or fill out a web form – we’d be happy to help. Our services include designing and installing security alarm systems, 24-hour monitoring, and the design and installation of CCTV systems, among others. We have licensed electricians and offer Lifetime Workmanship Guarantees for all the services we provide, testing certificates for all the testing, as well as 2-year warranties on parts supplied by us (unless otherwise stated).

About HE Technology

HE Technology team of specialists

Specialists in electrical, communications and security.

With over 20 years electrical experience, Darren Hiscock started Hiscocks Electrical (HE) and HE Technology when he moved to Western Australia from the UK. One of the early adapters of home automation, he fell in love with the technology and the security side of the electrical industry many years ago, and hasn’t looked back.

The team of specialists on board with HE Technology boasts an all-in-one package for anyone seeking a complete solution for business communications, fibre installation, security solutions and CCTV. Whether an electrician, security tech, or communications technician, everyone on the team is qualified, licensed, and experienced. This combined experience sets HE Technology apart, as they can complete all projects using their own experienced, vetted team.

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