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Wireless Network Site Survey Tools – Global Services

 Why Wireless Network Site Survey:

Wireless Network Site Survey is the initial process to set up the Wireless Network in the workspace or Business space. The site survey is mandatory for the authenticated and trusted Managed Service Providers. This is because of the setting up the ground for a strong Wireless Network. 

Without a systematic site survey for the network set-up, the uniform distribution of the network across the site isn’t possible. The site survey should help in a way that the distribution of network speed, signal strength &  bandwidth etc are intact. 

Wireless Network Site Survey Tools:

There are certain tools that help in efficient site surveys. They also help in the initiation, maintenance and monitoring of the network. Let’s check out the varied tools that are used in the survey & building of the Network. 

Radio Frequency (RF) Site Surveys:

Radio Mobile or Radio Frequency (RF) surveys are a common type of site survey. RF surveys detect the frequency of the signals to analyze and determine the access point locations, the number of access points, the signal strength and bandwidth the network would be able to connect etc. 

High-speed Wireless Modems:

High-speed Wireless Modems enable the good reachability of the network signals to every corner of the site. Even deals with the connectivity of many devices without any network hassles. 

Wireless Protocol to I/O:

The input or output devices define the network connectivity in the available or defined space. Deploy high performance-based tools for the high-performance network. Because low-performance tools affect the network frequency. 

Wired Modems:

Wired Modems too are required in the absence of wireless modems or as an alternative for device-specific requirements. Earlier LAN technology connections were majorly through wired modems that have the device limitations too for the network connectivity. 

Some specific devices stay connected particularly with wired modems and maintain solitarily. Whereas wireless modems don’t have device limitations as many devices connect to the wifi. Still, if the other network parameters don’t meet properly, it affects the network as a whole. 

Long-range Wireless Ethernet:

These are required to connect the network to a long-range. The Ethernet in the closed workspaces does not demand long-range frequency. But in outdoor networks; connected networks in a large workspace and multiple device connectivity: long-range wireless network tools are must-have tools. 

Accessories & Cables:

Apart from the available tools, though small, the most vital tools such as accessories, cables etc are to be checked thoroughly because the missing of these little tools hinders the total set up. The LAN connecting cables, the router connecting cables, connecting plugs and so on are the important tools to take care of.

WIFI diagnostic and measurement device:

Devices such as WIFI diagnostic and performance measurement devices measure the performance of the wireless network that can be operated either by the Network Site Survey team or by the users too if they are familiar with the tool. 

If the results generated are clueless, there’s no use in checking the tool. Because the values are in terms of results in a proper format. Updated apps like Network Survey App, Analyzer App monitor the network. 

Benefits of the Wireless Network Site Survey Tools:

The network needs to be continuously monitored as it is very common that the software always has new issues arising or the existing software not working etc. 

In wake of this, monitor the health of the network. Monitor the pre-check i.e., earlier to the network initiation, post check of the network i.e., after setting up the network and during the process. The benefits of doing so are as below:

Identify Pain Points:

Always knowing the advantages or benefits is not going to help and the reason why it is necessary to find the pain points is to help the network engineers in a great way where the chances of issues could arise and how they need to be rectified. The tools simplify this identification process.

Minimize Costing:

The implementation of tools gives a vast picture of the network site survey. So that Network Engineers derive an exact number of devices. Thus, saving costs is easy with a planned process.

Improve Productivity:

When all the minor issues are nurtured and addressed in a timely manner taking all the measures in avoiding & addressing untimely errors, the overall profitability of the business will however be improved too. But, enhanced network productivity is possible by overseeing the productivity or usability of wireless network devices.

Security Response:

Security threats are the most common issues of the network and this is at stake with wireless security. With cookies capture, cache data etc during online browsing, specific downloads etc., inclusive of the professional work; there are higher possibilities of external threats attacking the network or internal threats. This is the major reason that disables the network speed and performance. 

Hence, with the Wireless Network Site Survey Tools, the monitoring of the network is much liberalized. Because with the minutest results it aids in addressing the toughest security threats in advance. 

Optimum Bandwidth:

Bandwidth set up of the Network from network engineers will be device-specific too. When too many devices connect to the network; the browsing of certain video sites etc. reduces the network speed. Wireless Network Site Survey Tools scrutinize all these issues from time to time to provide the required uninterrupted bandwidth. 

All the aforesaid Wireless Network Site Survey Tools are for analyzing, designing, optimizing & troubleshooting the network. ExterNetworks is one of the best-Managed Services Providers (MSP) since its inception. It now has a massive number of engineers for varied software needs. They also provide exceptional Wireless Network Site Survey. This is possible by deploying various devices and using various tools. Hence, assures an error-free network set-up and support to the users. 

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