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You Need to Know About Choosing The Best Home Cleaning Company

Are you moving and would like to be free to spend time cleaning your home? Then order a thorough and professional mover cleaning from Rengøringshjælp. We offer moving cleaning to private individuals, companies, and housing associations throughout Copenhagen and the surrounding area. For the past many years, we have been helping customers with a thorough and professional Home Cleaning in connection with moving out – should you be the next one?

When you live for rent, it is often stated in the rental contract that the home must be cleaned when moving out. The requirements here are often high, and it is not just a normal cleaning, but a thorough main cleaning of the entire home. Rengøringshjælp (Cleaning help) we are specialists in this type of cleaning, and you can be sure that there is not a finger to put on the cleaning after we have visited.

If you must have approved your cleaning on the first try and without remarks, contact us – we clean professionally and know what the property manager will emphasize in the review of a rental home.

Our cleaning company is based on more than many years of experience and on that basis always provides both stable and careful cleaning service in Copenhagen. Our reliability and thoroughness ensure our customers a good result and makes us a cleaning company that you can always both trust and count on.

Cleaning Copenhagen

We are your professional cleaning company North Zealand, Vestegnen, and the whole of Greater Copenhagen. We clean with Nordic Rengøringshjælp cleaning products, perform ongoing quality assurance and use permanent assistants and inspectors at our customers. As your cleaning company, we offer flexible agreements and high quality within cleaning help Copenhagen and the surrounding area.

Rengøringsfirma (Cleaning company) is your local window cleaner in Copenhagen and the surrounding area. We offer window washing and polishing for both private individuals, companies, public institutions, housing associations and other professions. All our employees are skilled and competent in their work. And they are ready to help you with your window cleaning!

We are happy to design an offer for you, where we come at regular intervals and polish and polish your windows. This way, you are automatically visited by our window cleaners when the windows penetrate. You decide how often you want us to visit. Together we will find the solution that best suits your needs.


Our cleaning companies in Copenhagen offer commercial cleaning. Inadequate cleaning in Copenhagen can lead to external irritations. Which disrupts the workflow. is a thorough cleaning company in Copenhagen and you are always guarantee a high standard. Our cleaning companies in Copenhagen offer a staff of stable, well-trained and loyal employees. With commercial cleaning in , you get a good and clean working environment. Where you can worry-free spend time on what you are best at.


Do you want cleaning help in Copenhagen? We take care of everything from stair washing to farm service and specialize in private residential complexes. Our Rengøring cleaning company in Copenhagen ensures a tidy and presentable staircase, clean windows and well-kept outdoor areas – contact us to hear more about private cleaning help in Copenhagen.

Flexible cleaning company in Copenhagen

Our cleaning companies in Copenhagen want to ensure you the best service and the best cleaning. Therefore, personal communication means a lot for the planning of your commercial cleaning in or private cleaning help in Copenhagen. Our cleaning company in Copenhagen adapts the cleaning to your unique needs. Together, we review the areas and prepare a cleaning solution that is 100% to your home, stairwell, or business. Contact us on telephone +45 4880 9952 for an individual cleaning plan, stair washing, and more.

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