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5 Healthy Foods That MILIND SOMAN Prefer To Make Themselves Fit And Healthy

Milind Soman is a popular actor in Bollywood and he has created history after running barefoot from Shivaji park of Mumbai to the statue of unity of Gujarat. This was no easy task but a man’s healthy body and optimistic mind can do anything. As we have already heard this thought that – nothing is impossible in this world if you have will power to do so. In the Bollywood industry, he is a renowned face and also most people considered him as an iron man and supermodel actor. Most of his net worth comes from brand endorsements, representing the shows as a judge and advertisements. Recently Milind soman’s net worth is around $20 million as per the current estimation. 

In a recent interview, he has revealed the healthy foods that he usually prefers to maintain his physique and health. The choices of healthy food can make or break the body, that is why it is crucial to choose a diet that wakes up your body and mind all day long. As a model, it is the responsibility on our shoulders to represent the country and discipline in our life. He has also added that – a great model is a perfect combination of poise and personality

Here are the following healthy foods that are enough to improve your health like a MILIND

  • Eat when you are dog starving – 

Discipline in food choice is the best thing that you should not forget if you want to be a great model. Food plays an important role to make things possible and every time consumption of something leads to obesity. Due to this reason, it is crucial to eat four times a day and eat only when you are genuinely hungry. But if you are hungry then don’t put wrong things on your plate like junk foods because a hungry stomach expects vegan and fruits that would be healthy and give instant energy. Furthermore, this is not necessary that – only foods can fulfill the appetite, sometimes water and other healthy beverages also help to fill up the basic needs. 

  • Don’t measure calories while eating – 

In the interview, he has said that – I never measure calories, I eat as much as I can. From his school days, he was not much conscious that how many calories a particular human should consume. This is quite better too, because when we have already set measurements then we can’t eat more than that. And stopping yourself in particular boundaries is like killing your desire which is not a better idea. That is why I prefer to eat what I wish to eat and never keep any device that will measure how much I have consumed in a day. 

  • Try fruits not non-veg – 

As per his concern on the diet – he usually prefers to eat fruits and vegetables but avoids non-veg food because it doesn’t offer any kind of essential nutrients. In the morning Milind Soman consumes approx three-kilo fruits like six or seven mangoes and six bananas every day. If you want a maintained body like a supermodel then this is important to consume foods that didn’t stay in the body for a long time. Fruits are the best foods that everyone should consume because it gives instant energy and gets absorbed in the blood. 

  • No to intermittent fasting – 

There are several side effects of fasting than benefits because fast means someone could consume limited foods only. If there is nothing proper nutrients in the body then our body released acids that affect the stomach wall and lead to inflammation-like issues. The intake of required nutrients helps to continue the proper daily activities like exercises and workouts. Milind Soman has never been given the space to intermittent fasting, consumption of protein shakes and all. 

  • Consume jaggery and milk-based products – 

Jaggery is a super healthy food and the sugar present in it doesn’t harm like other white sugar also improves metabolism, and gives instant energy. From earlier times, this is one of the best food that our ancestors prefer to eat because it is still available in the purest form. 

Milk is a complete food and it has all the required nutrients that a body requires, that is why it is crucial to consume milk-based products. People who suffer from bones related issues, need to consume at least one liter of milk every day. After having a meal, the consumption of milk fulfills the needs of the body and improves digestion. 

Wrapping up – 

If you want to be the next supermodel-like MILIND SOMAN then try these healthy foods to make yourself fit and healthy. A healthy body is a desire of everyone but it requires effort and patience to bring things on track.

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