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A must for end-of-year festivities

A must for end-of-year festivities

A must for end-of-year festivities the Christmas decoration is the essential element to immerse yourself in the spirit conveyed by it. Do not hesitate to draw your ideas from the DIY universe. Able to bring the whole family together around activities as creative as it is fun. Christmas decorations to make yourself recycle are also part of a topical zero-waste approach. Several tutorials and ideas for manual activities for young and old to discover are in the lines below. Learn ABC For Preschool Learning Videos

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  • 1 Zero waste Christmas tree made from wooden branches
  • 2 Christmas decorations to make yourself with recycling – charming DIY lantern
  • 3 Handmade Christmas decorations – snow globes in a recycled wine glass
  • 4 Handmade Christmas decorations to make with your child – DIY snowman
  • 5 Christmas wreaths easy to make in a hanger

Zero waste Christmas tree made of wood branches

  • Five components of reclaimed wood
  • 2 m of thin rope
  • hot glue gun
  1. Start by spreading the rope (desired length according to the desired size of the tree) to outline a tree.
  2. Continue by pruning the branches, from the shortest to the longest.
  3. Store the pruned branches on the rope, spacing them evenly. For a taller tree, add additional components.
  4. Hang the tree on the wall on a hook or other hanging tool.
  5. Decorate with a light garland to draw the silhouette of the tree. And finally, add small elegant paper decorations.

Original Christmas tree made from reclaimed wood branches

Christmas decoration to make yourself with recycling – charming DIY lantern

  • recycled glass jars
  • card stock
  • scissors
  • plain / double-sided adhesive tape / hot glue gun
  • gold color acrylic paint
  • paintbrushes
  • small sharp scissors/cutter
  • cutting mat
  • black color marker
  • decorative green branches
  • jute yarn
  • small pine cones
  • fake cranberries / small Christmas balls
  • small Christmas ornaments
  1. Obtain the necessary materials and print the music paper template.
  2. Cut out the white margin with your scissors to leave only the musical paper pattern.
  3. Measure the height of the glass jars to define the size of the paper horizontally. Mark the document where you need to cut and cut the composition according to the measurements.
  4. To define the amount of paper needed vertically. Cut out if there is too much excess paper, leaving about 1cm overlap.
  5. Cut out the stars in the musical paper using small scissors or a cutter without discouraging. If the result is not perfect.
  6. Paint the glass jars with gold-colored acrylic paint. Instead of covering the entire surface with a solid coat of paint, consider creating a translucent metallic effect instead.
  7. Leave a few spots of golden paint on the paper, using touches made with a brush or spatula.
  8. Place the music paper on a sheet of card stock and trace the stars with a black marker to create a border around it. Again, don’t be discouraged if the result isn’t perfect.
  9. After the gold paint dries, wrap the music paper around. Overlap both ends. And secure with tape / double-sided or glue. To keep the writing fixed in place, run the duct tape around the jar.
  10.  Finally, wrap a raffia thread around the ring and tie. And add decorations at the end. Two red balls decorated with gold paint were used in the concrete project.

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