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Apple Repair or Third-Party Repair? Which to Choose for iPhone Repair

iPhones, just like any other device, are not immune from issues such as broken screens, a faulty battery, display issues and more. While Apple earns a significant amount of revenue from their repair services, not everyone prefers going to the authorized service centre for iPhone repair or other issues. Here, we’ll discuss two different ways you can get your iPhone repaired and how you can choose the best third-party repair centre for your iPhone.

Where to get your iPhone repaired

It is always a topic of discussion for Apple users whenever there’s something wrong with their devices. While authorized Apple repair centres do a fantastic job no doubt, they can charge a lot especially if your device is not under warranty. If there’s something wrong with your device and you’re also stuck in a dilemma of where to go, these points can help you a bit.

Apple Repair Centres

One of the biggest advantages of going to an authorized Apple repair centre is that you can be sure of getting the original parts as a replacement for any issue. Being one of the most popular smartphones on the planet, iPhones are a frequent target of duplicate and counterfeit parts that are easily available on the market. By choosing Apple repair, you don’t have to worry about this situation at all.

Another advantage of Apple repair is that they employ trained experts that stay updated with the latest technology and are adept in working with any iPhone model or other Apple devices. While Apple delivers great service from their in-house repair centres, the cost of these repairs can sometimes be close to or even more than buying a new device. Apple offers services like AppleCare+ to reduce the price a bit but subscribing to these services can be costly as well.

Third-party Repair Centres

Apple repair centres can’t be present everywhere, especially in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities of the country. This is why most people only have the option of repairing their devices in a local repair shop near their home. Being close to a consumer is the biggest advantage of these repair centres. You can get great bargains in such shops and can repair your device at a fraction of the cost as compared to the Apple repair centre.

One more advantage of going to a third-party repair centre is that they don’t erase the data present in your iPhone unless it is absolutely necessary, unlike Apple repair centres that have a policy of erasing a phone for significant repairs. While there are concerns about the genuineness of the replacement parts in local shops, it can easily be solve by going to a trust repair centre like Rapid Repair. Third-party repair shops provide a broader scope of repairs and can look into other issues in your device as well that Apple store doesn’t usually recognize like faulty Wi-Fi antenna and more.

How to Choose a Third-Party Repair Centre

Be it the price of repair, unavailability of an Apple repair centre near your home, out of warranty device, or any other reason for you to choose a third-party repair centre, here are a few tips that will help you choose a reliable repair centre.

  • Past repair record

Look for repair centres that have a number of positive reviews and has a proven track record of iPhone repair and its related issues. You wouldn’t want to hand over your precious device to a novice who doesn’t have much experience working with iPhones.

  • Choose warranty over price

While some vendors will still charge less than others, you should always consider the one that uses genuine parts for replacement and repair and provides a warranty for their service. A warranty is a sign that the repair centre is not using counterfeited or duplicate parts in your device and backs their service completely.

  • There’s no alternative to expertise

Expert repair centres have all the required tools and gadgets needed to repair any issue with your iPhone and they stay up to date with any physical or software changes implemented in the device. Their expertise can be see from the condition of their workstation as well. If you’ve decided to go with a third-party repair centre, choose the one with the most expertise in this industry.

  • Cost of repair

If the cost of repairing your iPhone through a third-party repair centre is not substantially less than that through an Apple repair centre, there is no point in choosing them.

Third-party repair centres like Rapid Repair are a great option for iPhone repair for people who can’t afford the exorbitant prices quoted by the Apple repair centre and don’t have a trusted repair centre locally. Their team of expert professionals are adept in working with Apple devices and only use genuine products sourced from OEM manufacturers to provide the best repair service. You can contact them directly for any issues and they’ll send a pickup service to take the device from your home, repair it, and then send it back in pristine condition.

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