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Are You Using Digital Marketing Tools For Your Business

You are interested in knowing the best tools for digital marketing are available for small and medium-sized companies.

Particularly, you’d like to know the tools we employ as digital marketing agencies.

We’re sure you’d like us to know this because you’ve asked and we listened!

Keep on reading as we’re going to list the most effective tools for digital marketing that can assist small businesses to grow.

Today, we’re going to cover the top digital marketing tools that are suitable for small-sized businesses, specifically because you asked for it!

Are You Using Digital Marketing Tools For Your Business?

Utilizing digital marketing tools, they have hundreds of thousands available.

For each function, there are many tools to perform the task and Buy Instagram Comment UK all of them claim to be the best tool, or the most affordable to what they’re offering.

If you took a seat and attempted to analyze each of these marketing tools available and you’d be there for all day.

The information we’re providing today is a brief list of digital marketing tools that we utilize as an agency of digital marketing almost every day.

9 Best Digital Marketing Tools For Small Business

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google’s Keyword Planner
  3. Google Search Console
  4. SEM Rush

1. Google Analytics

It’s probably the most well-known program on this list and if you’re still not making use of it, you ought to begin now.

If you’re not aware, Google Analytics is an analytics tool for web sites offered by Google that monitors and records web traffic.

This is currently being used as a part of Google’s Google Marketing Platform brand.

It’s basically a device which connects to your website.

It will also break down your website’s traffic, so you can determine what sources are driving most traffic, and also the highest conversions.

Here’s an example of this. Take an overview of the details of our GA account. It’s evident that the bulk of our traffic is derived from organic Google searches.

This kind of information can be extremely useful throughout your marketing campaigns.

It’s because you’ll be able to tell which ones pay off the mostand, consequently, what efforts are worth the investment.

From that image it is clear the fact that we can see that our SEO campaign is actually producing results.

There are a lot of things that you can track and study and practice by using Google Analytics.

The main thing to note is it is able to quickly provide you a bird’s-eye view of the direction your traffic is getting its information from.

In addition, what traffic sources are actually turning.

One of the reasons why it’s sought-after is the fact that it’s completely available for free!

Google Analytics Academy has a beginner’s course that you can attend for those who are new to the field and need to get a solid foundation on how to make use of it to increase the size of your business.

2. Google’s Keyword Planner

If you’re trying to optimize your blog or website You’ll need to utilize this tool which is available for free through Google.

It lets you find keywords, also often referred to as keywords, that can be relevant to your company to determine:

A) whether people are searching for the site or not.

B) If so, what is the volume of searches is.

This will guide your content writing efforts , so you are aware of the subjects and keywords to write your blogs around.

We from LYFE Marketing, also use an paid tool known as Keyword Tool to do the exact same thing with YouTube Google searches…

…since YouTube is owned by Google it is the second most popular search engine, second only to Google.

If you’re an owner of a local business it is important to ensure that you’re getting local search results in addition.

These tools will allow you to determine the local terms that are the most searched-for.

In the end the tools for digital marketing allow you to keep an eye on your customers and their search habits and help you decide what you can do to adjust your SEO efforts to meet their needs.

3. Google Search Console

The tools and reports of the Search Console aid you in:

  • analyze your website’s search engine traffic and performance.
  • resolve problems fix issues
  • Your website should shine to be seen in Google results.

You might remember this particular service as Google Webmaster Tools in the past.

After you have connected your site via this application, it will show the way Google crawls and indexes your site.

You can make use of Google Search Console to find out more information about:

  • How many people are visiting your website and how they are getting to it,
  • how many people are browsing your site from mobile devices or a desktop computer and
  • Which pages on your website are most popular.

It will also help you identify and fix web problems, create the sitemap, as well as make and verify the robots.txt files.

We will specifically use this tool every time we’ve changed old pages of our site.

It’s because we would like Google to be aware of the changes we’ve made with the hopes of helping us get higher rankings in the results for search results.

In the end it’s another tool that is free by Google which can assist you in improving your SEO strategies as well as keep track of what’s happening with your website’s traffic and site.

Google also offers an introduction guide to this too. If you’re not familiar with this program, make sure to read it.

4. SEM Rush

SEM Rush is probably one of the most well-known digital marketing tools available.

It lets you “do SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing from just one platform.”

This tool has a bit of a similarity with Google Search Console in its function.

However, it’s a paid tool, so it provides better insight and a lot more features than Google Search Console does.

It is for instance for instance, the Keyword Magic Tool that we frequently use at LYFE.

This tool lets you search for any keywords related to your company and view not just the volume of searches for it, but also the search volume for…

…but it is also the issue of how difficult it would be for a site to rank organically on the Google top 10 rankings for the keyword.

It also displays the SERP results for that keyword, and the most frequently asked questions asked about that keyword.

This is just one aspect that is part of SEO tools.

Do not forget to check out an entire menu in the sidebar of tools in SEM Rush to help with advertising and the use of social media and content marketing and much more!

If you’ve ever read any articles on our blog that speak about PPC and SEM Rush, you’ve probably heard us speak about SEM Rush a few times.

It’s because it plays an extremely important part in our SEO as well as PPC marketing.

In the “What Is PPC” post we explained how to monitor your competition and view the entirety of the details of their PPC campaigns by using SEM Rush.

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