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Necessary Refresh

Necessary Refresh, Regardless Of The Temperature Outside

The ice is a necessary refresh, regardless of the temperature outside. But not all ice cream is the same: find out what the different additives and homemade ice cream mean here.
Using the following list, you will be able to better assess the quality of your favorite ice cream parlor in the future. six things are essential:

1. Is the ice cream homemade?

The indication “homemade ice cream” often seems to be the first sign of excellent quality ice cream. But beware: the designation is not legally binding. Such a sign can, of course, mean that ice cream is made from scratch. However, it will likely mix the ice cream with a ready-made powder or refine the base mass with fruit or chocolate.
Ask your favorite ice cream maker how they make their ice cream.

2. Ice cream or ice cream?

There are also differences here. The ice cream contains at least 10% fat from milk and is not suitable for vegans. The same goes for ice creams containing at least 70% milk and ice creams containing 18% fat from milk. Fruit cream ice cream should be made up of at least 8% fat from milk.
Remember that ice cream also contains eggs. If the display case only mentions “ice cream,” make it with less expensive fats, such as coconut fat or palm oil, instead of milk fat

3. Ingredient overview

Ice cream parlors are not obliged to respect the indicative values of the ingredients. It is, therefore, possible that fruit ice cream contains less than the required 20% fruit, that vanilla ice cream does not have natural vanilla, or that chocolate ice cream is only made with cocoa powder.
Ice cream parlors are also not required to list the ingredients of their ice cream varieties. Should mention Only allergens and additives such as chemical dyes should Ask the ice cream vendor to enlighten you.
You should also pay attention to the following:
Natural colors instead of additives
If a wide variety of brightly colored ice cream catches your eye when you look in the display case, it is probably dyed (which, by the way, is often a sign of industrial ice cream production). On the other hand, a natural color indicates that there are fewer additives.

Pistachio and walnut ice cream

These types of ice cream are particularly susceptible to mixing with additives. In pistachio ice cream, the bitter almond flavor is believed to make up for the missing nut content. The vegetable dyes result in a rich green that suggests natural pistachios in ice cream. In contrast, pistachio ice cream made from natural ingredients has a brownish appearance and a less pronounced taste.
If a variety is described as “nutty scent ice cream,” you can assume it used different flavors instead of actual nuts.
Ice towers in the window are rarely a good sign.
Do the ice creams stack at an impressive height in the display case? It is not necessarily a sign of quality but usually an indication of the use of stabilizers and emulsifiers. They ensure that the ingredients mix well and the ice cream doesn’t melt too quickly.

4. Cooling

Under certain circumstances, high ice towers also indicate insufficient cooling. However, display cases also cool the ice cream from the top and allow mountains of ice cream without preservatives. Favorite glacier has invested in such an expensive cooling system, but you can often tell by a stripe inside the glass. It marks the height to which the ice is cooled.
To assess the general hygiene of the ice cream parlor, carefully observe the ice cream display, the vendors’ aprons, and the ice cream scoop. If they are dirty, bacteria and germs have free rein. If the ice cream parlor looks clean and there isn’t any over-decoration in the ice cream display, that’s a good sign.

5. Variety change

Probably the most popular types of ice cream are available every day. If the lesser-known varieties of ice cream change often, this is a sign that ice creams are regularly made fresh and not stored for too long.

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6. Taste

Still not sure if your favorite ice cream maker makes fresh ice cream? It’s time for the taste test. The more crystalline the ice cream, the older it is. On the other hand, new ice cream is exceptionally creamy and leaves a very light film of fat on the palate.

You now know how to recognize the quality of a glacier. If you haven’t found the right one yet, you can try this homemade ice cream!

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