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Best tips For Hair fall

Many of us bear a hair fall due to dietary deficiencies. Some encounter the situation due to their poor attention towards hair care routines. Even, those who use expensive hair products, notice considerable hair fall due to adverse side effects of excessive use of such products. The causes of hair fall for many people are more or less the same. Even the tips for treatment of hair fall are not different. The only difference lies in the effectiveness and recovery process. Some people strictly flow all the measures. They rehabilitate healthy scalp conditions and hair grows more quickly than others. Let’s dig in to find some simple and effective tips for hair fall!

Some of the best Haircare tips  

  • We can cope with hair fall by removing the initial cause of hair fall. For this, we must visit a dermatologist who can identify the cause of hair fall.
  • Next comes the methods for treatment of hair fall which includes diet management for stimulating hair growth at first stance.
  • The regimental practices for haircare include various traditional methods. They ensure and then, secure long-lasting hair beauty.

Haircare by managing a healthy diet

A healthy diet for haircare must include protein, vitamin A and a Mediterranean diet.

Always add protein to your diet

Our hair is made of dead cells and proteins, called keratin. The amino acids are building blocks for the synthesis of a specific sequence of proteins. Our body contains 20 amino acids-10 essential and 10 non-essential. Our body can make non-essential amino acids while we need an outsource for the other 10 essential amino acids. If we are unable to add a good portion of such proteins to our diet, we encounter a deficiency of these amino acids. So, amino acid deficiency is a cause of hair fall among individuals. We can add protein to our diet from meat, egg, cereals, beans, and legumes.

The necessity of Vitamin A 

Do you know vitamin A deficiency in your daily diet can be a cause of hair fall? Our bodies require vitamin A in smaller quantities for hair growth. It stimulates our sebaceous glands to secrete its oily secretion, called sebum. This sebum not only moisturizes the scalp but also provides nourishment to hair follicles. Red carrots, pumpkins, spinach, and kale provide us with beta carotene which is a precursor for the production of vitamin A in the body. Cod liver oil is another rich source of vitamin A from the lipid family. A male body requires 900 micrograms of vitamin A in their daily diets. While a female need 700 micrograms for regulating the normal process of healthy growth.

Mediterranean diet for hair fall

It is a protein-rich diet, inspired by the dietary patterns of locals from the Mediterranean region. This diet has traditional cuisines of Greece, Italy, and other areas linked with the Mediterranean Sea. It includes a surplus amount of whole grains, vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices.

The traditional and effective regimental practices for haircare

In ancient times, there were no synthetic products for hairs. People use plant-based derivatives for their hairs. They follow strict haircare routines for enhancing their hair beauty. H

Coconut oil massage

The ancient world had made use of coconut oil for various purposes for its health benefits. This is because they do not have plenty of choices for essential oils that now we have. Now we can use thing scalp massaging technique with other essential oils, like Croghan badam Shirin, olive oil, etc.

According to today’s research, we must use a mixture of two or more essential oils at least 2 times a week for better hair growth.

Henna for Hair dying 

Queens used to apply a paste of henna leaves on their scalp. It gave them a good hue to their hairs and changed their apparent look. Moreover, they used it to replenish their scalp. Modern research has revealed that henna has antifungal and antimicrobial properties.


Our hair requires nothing but good care from us. They add up a charming side to our personality. The first thing a person might notice in a glance is other’s facial features and hair. So, we must take good care of them. Along with modern approaches and slight modifications, they assure the good health of our hair.

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