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Business strategy with SharePoint and Power BI

Create a business strategy to enhance teamwork, with SharePoint and Power BI, learn how it is done and its advantages.

SharePoint reinvents business productivity thanks to the fact. That it offers you an intelligent and simple way of working that proposes a collaborative, teamwork strategy with SharePoint . Wherever you are, you can carry the intranet in your pocket. With the ability to connect with your co-workers when you need them.

Documents, videos and sites always at your fingertips. Always with a very intuitive organization which makes it more efficient and faster. In addition to its careful design, it has Microsoft’s own security and privacy standards.

All this promotes unlimited collaboration within SharePoint and One Drive for business for SharePoint Services. Helping you connect with people and content relevant to your business strategy.

Business strategy with SharePoint

When we talk about a business strategy that promotes the use of tools like SharePoint, we are referring to a strategy focused on promoting teamwork. The use of collaborative, intuitive and productive tools will undoubtedly lead you to create a culture of collaboration. This implies facilitating a connection between departments and sharing knowledge in a constant and updated way, something that has not always been an easy task.

But SharePoint will allow you this and much more. Since it gives users and teams the possibility to discover and share content, as well as collaborate and interact on it, intelligently from any place and device.

Your team’s content hub will be the SharePoint team site for SharePoint Services. A place where everyone you collaborate with, both inside and outside your organization, will come together in real time to work, create and share content. In addition, these tasks will be done in a more intuitive way since for this you will use the same Microsoft Office tools that you are already used to.

In addition to a collaborative strategy that keeps us informed about the progress of our business, projects, etc. SharePoint gives us the ability to access at a glance the activities of all sites and groups. Giving us the possibility to keep up to date on people and topics of interest. We can access and share this information from the home page of the team site and in the document libraries.

Sharing information

We could say that it is a way of getting the most out of the people you work with and being informed about what they work with. Not only will you improve sales with a more collaborative work strategy, but you will also increase the value of your work in other aspects for SharePoint Services. For example, improving processes and sharing information so that other segments of your company can take advantage of it.

Networking, which makes a company great thanks to the sum of shared work.

Many companies are beginning to rely on digital transformation to improve business processes. And at this point, the greatest collaboration plays a leading role. Some studies support the investment of companies in collaborative work tools, as a key element on which to articulate these digital transformation processes. You can see some of that data here .

Advantages of collaborative work

Working as a team has many advantages, but on many occasions it is more a question of necessity than anything else.

It allows greater agility in decision making.

Collaborative portals, like the home page of the team site that uses SharePoint as a common place, works as a document management repository. This will allow you to always know where to look for the information you need to make these decisions.

But in addition to this information always available, it will be constantly updated so that your decisions will be based on real data and in real time. An advantage when making intelligent decisions.

It guarantees an increase in productivity in your business strategy

Tools like SharePoint, called collaboration tools, give you more efficient employees back.

The possibility of working from anywhere and with any device. As well as the possibility of accessing information quickly. Undoubtedly reduces the time that your employees waste searching for information.

This will allow them to dedicate more time to productive tasks without getting lost. In the processes until they get to the real work.

It allows you to improve internal communication, which results in better interaction with customers
It is a very simple equation with SharePoint Services. Teamwork, stimulated by tools that facilitate more effective internal communication, means that incidents are identified and resolved more quickly.

By having access to this information, it is easier to identify the needs of the consumer, and ultimately and as a conclusion to this process, we can say that it improves the quality of the service.

Therefore, these tools enhance better interaction with customers.

Your business strategy becomes a sales booster
The culture of collaboration provides a series of advantages such as those we have just seen. A culture that brings benefits despite not being directly applicable to a return on investment in data, certainly brings benefits.

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