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How do you choose the right security camera for your home?

This article is all about How do you choose the right security camera for your home?

Indoor or outdoor?

If you’re looking for a home surveillance camera initial thing to think about is whether you intend to install the camera inside or outside. Only those cameras built to stand up to the elements are recommended to be put on the exterior of your home.

Is it battery-powered or wired?

The latter is simpler to install, however, you’ll need to recharge or replace their batteries every couple of months. (Some firms also produce solar panels that can prolong the lifespan even more.) It’s possible that you’ll need to set up outlets or make holes in your wall, but you won’t have to fret about it later on.

Video resolution

Do not purchase a security camera that has a resolution lower than 1080p. Certain cameras now record in 4K which does not just mean a sharper resolution, that the camera can be zoomed in to be able to see the functions clearly.

Local Vs. cloud-based video storage

Also, be aware of what each security camera at home can provide in terms of storage for video. Many cameras let you save videos on the cloud, however, some require an annual fee to access the cloud. Some cameras come with memory card slots, which means you can save your video locally. However, if somebody steals the camera you’ll lose all your videos and the camera. Make sure you check our analysis of which security camera for your home is the best for storage.

Animal, person, and detection of vehicles

A camera that differentiates between animals, humans, and vehicles, means you’ll receive better alerts on what’s happening. that means you don’t have to go to the camera’s app whenever it detects something.

Sponsor floodlight options

Certain outdoor security cameras come with floodlights or spotlights built-in This doesn’t just help cameras to spot items, it’s beneficial to be able to see when it’s dark out of your home.

How do we test security cameras for home use? cameras

The camera is then used over several days. The first thing that we consider will be the high-quality footage it takes, both during the day and at night. As the person walks around the frame, was their face clear and well-defined? Or did it appear blurry?

We also examine the features accessible through the camera’s app. Do they include features such as custom motion zones? If you live in a crowded street, you wouldn’t want the camera to record video and alert you each when a vehicle passes through. A great security camera for your home must also include a timer feature so that you can switch it off when you’re at home, and then turn it on after you go out.

In addition, we consider the cost to watch, save and share videos. While some cameras allow you to watch just a few days of video footage, however, the general trend has been to allow you to view live footage from your camera, unless you subscribe to an account. You can’t go back for a couple of hours or even days to find out the people who were walking around your backyard. Additionally, many subscription plans also come with additional features, such as customized motion zones.


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