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YouTube Biking Star is on a quest to normalise motorcycling imperfections

A YOUTUBE STAR is trying to revolutionise the motorcycle industry in a bid to normalise imperfect motorcycling.

29-year-old Saffy Sprocket, a North-West Motovlogger is drawing attention for her creative content and clumsy outlook.

The YouTube star, originally from Ulverston and currently resides in Chester, is currently enroute to nearly 10,000 subscribers within 12 months. In addition to this, Saffy was nominated in the Motorbike TV Peoples Awards in 2021 for best motorbike social media channel and most inspirational female rider.

When Saffy was nominated, she was up against channels with over one million subscribers including RoyalJordanian despite only having 6,000 subscribers. As a result, Sprocket said she was shocked when she found out she made the list.

Who is Saffy Sprocket?

Saffy Sprocket is an award-winning bike YouTuber and motorcycle maniac based in the North-West of England. Her channel is based around travelling around the UK Countryside. Saffy loves to go on adventures on her two wheels and is widely known for her disastrous and comical videos. Saffy vlogs useful tips about biking, her long-distance trips and reviews bikes, products and motorcycle accessories. Originally from Cumbria, Saffy now resides in Manchester full-time where she works as an SEO Outreach specialist.

Saffron’s channel, SaffySprocket, has continued to grow with avid riders voicing their support for the newbie rider.

When interviewed, Saffron Said: “Bikers aren’t perfect. We need less social pressure and more self-acceptance. I wanted to create an atmosphere that’s free from social pressure. I wanted to encourage riders to realise you don’t need the most expensive gear, bike or disposal budget to enjoy biking.

“The goal of my channel has always been to encourage others to just simply ride their bike. It doesn’t matter what machine you hold the key to, or whatever branded lid you’re donning. The only thing that truly matters is that you’re on the road seeking adventure.”

Want to learn more about Saffy? Why not check out her Motorcycle YouTube Channel below:

Why should you learn motorbiking?

Motorbiking should be a hobby for everyone. We all love to share our passion with friends and family. It’s time we stop saying “I can’t ride” and just do it. No matter what age you are, or what kind of a social background you have, everyone should be able to enjoy this passion. It ultimately all just comes down to your mindset.

I don’t know how it feels to you, but for me, there’s a feeling of accomplishment driving a motorcycle. It’s an escape from everyday life which makes us feel alive and free. At the end of the day, I believe that this is what life should be all about. In my case learning motorbiking has been one hell of a journey involving road accidents, fear, injuries and personal challenges as well as experiences too good to describe in words.

If you’re having doubts about whether or not it’s worth learning how to ride a motorcycle then just take a look at Saffy Sprockets Video below  – she knows what I’m talking about!

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