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How Is Kraft Material a Better Option For Vape Packaging Boxes?

It comes with a kraft liner that enhances its toughness and durability. Without any doubt, this type of packaging in Vape Packaging Boxes provides excellent and protective Vape box protection and looks fantastic.

Kraft material is the brown paper material that is also used for the packaging of different products. Kraft material has a natural and rugged appearance that makes it stand out from the usual plastic materials.

Here are some more reasons what make kraft material the best option:


The priority of any good vape packaging boxes must be protecting content inside packages under any circumstances. For this purpose, only kraft can offer absolute safety to your Vape box contents such as E-juice bottles, e-liquids, etc. Furthermore, it comes with a protective kraft liner that ensures the best Vape box protection to your vape contents.


The material package is very flexible and eco-friendly as it is a recycled paper that is water-resistant, moisture-proof, and durable. Like you can see, the vape packaging boxes manufacturers widely use this material to make awesome-looking bottle boxes.

Moreover, it is also an excellent option for printing a stunning label on custom printed vape boxes packaging due to its smooth nature plus high strength.

Also, Kraft can give an awe-inspiring 3D Look by embossing or stamping graphics on the surface of a package due to its natural textured look. Its pale brown color with conspicuous matte finish looks elegant against white or black backgrounds of Vape bottles E Juice.

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Unlike other packaging options, Kraft material is very cost-effective and has a long life. It saves your money in the future, plus it is eco-friendly and non-toxic, which makes it an excellent option for vape liquid bottles juice packaging.

Moreover, you could also use it again if your wrapping left any extra package after opening up the custom printed boxes package. Plus, its natural look not only provides good protection but also adds value to your product.

These are some simple reasons why Kraft wrap is much better than plastic or another type of materials available in the market today.

So if you want to make awesome-looking Vape Box Packaging with the perfect protection and want to give peace of mind to all your customers and win their trust, you should go for kraft packaging. I hope this article will help you select the right kind of Vape Box Packaging for your Vape products.

Can Kraft Material For Vaping Be More Price-Effective For Me?

I have a vaping products company, and I have to buy vape boxes online. What should be the best material for my custom vape boxes Packaging?

Is kraft Material Suitable For Vape Juice Bottles Packaging?

Kraft material is always an excellent option if you want absolute protection to your vape juice bottle packaging. As it is made of recycled paper which makes it eco friendly too. However, sometimes printed labels take much precious time in printing due to their porous nature but still, it’s okay.

Also, make sure not to use organic solvents while printing on kraft surfaces as they damage print quality; otherwise, good printability.  Happy Vaping!!

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