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How Much Does It Cost to Change the Rims Of a Car in Dubai

Many of the car automobile service providers do not provide good rims. That is why many people have to opt for customized rims for their cars. When your car’s rim is damaged, it not only compromises the looks of your car but also causes problem with its movement and functioning. If your car rim gets damaged due to any accident or other reason, you should repair it as soon as possible.

Many people prefer to use alloy rim repair services as they are handier. There are different types of rims available in the market. This blog will discuss How Much It Costs To Change the Rims of a Car in Dubai.

So let’s dive in!

Basic Types of Rims

The most important thing that determines the costs of your rims is the quality of the material of your rim. There are different types of rims depending upon their material which are as follows:


Chrome rims are mostly used inexpensive, luxurious cars. These are not made of chrome, but the manufacturers coat them with chrome. If you drive your car on wet pathways, this is surely the best investment you will ever make on your tyre rim because Chrome prevents the oxidation of tyres. The chromium-coated tyres can cost you around 370 AED.


Alloy or aluminium alloy rims are lightweight and durable compared to other rim types. They’re usually made from different metals to increase their performance and longevity. Alloy rims conduct heat much better and handle a heavy braking load. Some of the most popular coatings on alloy rims include:

  • Powder-coated
  • Diamond cut
  • Anodized
  • Split rims

Alloy rims are more expensive than those steel ones but affordable. Depending on the materials and size, alloy rims usually start from 183AED per wheel. One of the major disadvantages is that they are more prone to scratching and breaking.


The Steel rims were the only ones in the past, but now, alloy rims have replaced them in the market. Steel rims are mostly fitted on compact and subcompact cars. They’re the cheapest and most budget-friendly option out of all three types. The price of steel rims ranges from 110 AED. They’re simple and durable, and you can even fit them on-road vehicles.

But they are heavyweight.

Are Rims Expensive? Why are They Expensive?

As discussed above, all types of rims are not expensive. Their price always depends upon the material they are made up of. Some of the common rim prices are as follows:

  • Basic steel rims 367 AED
  • Aluminium alloy rims 480 AED
  • Painted finish rims (black/white) 1029 AED
  • Chrome-plated rims 1065 AED
  • Bronze coated rims 1101 AED
  • Graphite coated rims 1727 AED

Your rim price also depends upon the car you use. If you own a vintage car, then the rim of that car might be expensive because finding such a rim will also be difficult compared to the rims of the car that are usually used.

Factors Affecting the Costs of Rims

Several factors affect the costs of your tire rims. And the total price of your car rims depends on them. Those are as follows:


You can buy rims aftermarket from any virtual sources, including online or directly from the manufacturer (OEM).

OEM wheels cost more than others because they are safety tested and regulated closely by auto manufacturers. But going to the Dunlop tyre shop in Dubai will be the better option if you want to consult with their experts about your car problems.


For custom-designed pieces, you pay for the hours of labor that are utilized in creating the rims. If wheel manufacturing takes a lot of work, you’ll pay more. This kind of rim service is more durable and dependable.

Size of Rim

The bigger your rim, the more it will cost. It is because the larger-sized rims will cost more than smaller ones. After all, it will use more material in them.

The Best Rim Repair Shop in Dubai- Dunlop Tyres

Getting your car services done can be a hectic and tiring thing to do. But it helps a lot in your car’s future. If your rims are not serviced and aligned properly, it can cause numerous problems for you. The expert mechanics at Dunlop tyres in Dubai provide the best services for rim replacement. They also provide you with other services if they find that your car needs other servicing.

The pricing of your rims depends upon the type of rims. Such as:

New rims:

As the name suggests, these rims have never been placed in a car. They are the most expensive option in the market, but they run perfectly. But, if you’re looking for rims for an older car, new rims can never be an option.

Used rims:

Buying used rims is the cheapest option that you could go for. But these rims are not aesthetically pleasing. It can be a good option if you don’t mind a few dings or dents. But you should buy from a reputable source such as Dunlop tyres Dubai to ensure that all of the damage is only cosmetic.

Reconditioned rims:

These are rims that have been minimally damaged and restored to like-new condition. It is a great option if you’re looking for wheels that look new but don’t cost quite as much.


Sand Dance Tyres is fast becoming an established name in the UAE for tyres, general maintenance repairs and quick lube changes. We are rapidly expanding across the UAE so there is always a store near you.

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