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Does a System’s Location Matter for Hot Water System Repairs in Sydney?  

Looking to purchase a hot water system or get hot water system repairs Sydney services? Once you’ve done your research on which one is best suited for you and your family’s use, you’ll pay for it and have it installed. Do you know the location where it should be installed in your house in terms of accessibility for hot water repairs in Sydney? Your home may be a single story, double storey or multi-storey structure – or you may have opted for an apartment. Wondering whether it matters where you install your hot water heater?
To answer that question, yes! A water heater’s location matters. Your water heater’s performance is linked to its location. You will want it to be easily accessible to the plumber when they visit for hot water system repairs in Sydney or elsewhere. So, what is the best place in your home or business to install a hot water heater?

Where to install a hot water system

The ideal location for a hot water heater is one in which the water has to travel the minimum distance to get to the hot water taps. This means, if your hot water system is small and compact, keeping it inside a closet, pantry, under the sink in a bathroom, etc. Installing it in one of these locations, so that it’s nearest to the hot water taps it supplies hot water to, will reduce the amount of time you need to wait for the hot water to get to those taps.
Locations to Install a Hot Water System
  • In the basement – Although most Australian homes don’t have basements (builders don’t need to dig below the frost line, so they were only present in extremely expensive homes), there is a significant minority that do. If you’re one of the lucky ones with a basement in your home, this is the prime location to install a hot water heater. It’s easily accessible there for maintenance and hot water system repairs – and it’s protected from the harsh elements, as well. Whether it’s winter, or summer, your water heater is not outside physically experiencing it.
  • Put it in the attic – Again, most Australian homes don’t come with an attic. But if your home does, and it’s multi-storied, then the attic is a good place for it. However, you may have to reconfigure the electrical wiring and plumbing up there so that if the hot water system leaks, it doesn’t damage them or the floors below.
  • Outside the house – lf your home has limited space, and it’s not feasible for you to install a water heater inside, it’ll have to be kept outside the house. This way, you’re maximising on space within the house, and using up a little garden or yard space for your water heater – or on the roof. You don’t need to worry about the heater’s ventilation system outside, which is a win. However, if the heater is installed in your garden or backyard, try to prevent your gardening tools from damaging any part of the system.

Hot Water System for Home & Business Owners

No matter where you have it installed, make sure that the hot water system can’t be damaged, or moved about there. If you’re a homeowner, you don’t want kids banging into one and hurting themselves, or birds pooping on it. If you’re a business owner, you don’t want employees hurt or having a work day interrupted due to required repairs.

On affordable hot water system repairs Sydney

Location affects the accessibility of your hot water system; however, there are other factors to consider regarding the system when attempting to keep your electric bill low. Depending on the hot water system you have, your system repairs may be difficult, especially if it’s an older system. This is because parts may be more difficult to find. Also, keep in mind that gas hot water heaters are less expensive to repair than heat pumps, electrical hot water systems, or solar hot water systems.
According to a NSW Government Hot Water System Repairs Guide for households and businesses, heating up water makes up nearly 30% of a household’s energy use. By choosing an instantaneous gas water heater with high efficiency ratings, households and businesses can save more on their respective electric bills than with most other systems.
Purchasing the right size water heater for your home or business will also help bring energy costs down. Remember, the unit cost of a water heater (at least the one recommended above) will be higher than its running costs.
If the hot water system is making the water too hot, not only will the water scald your skin, your electric bill will be higher than necessary. A way to resolve this is by checking the tank’s thermostat setting. According to one source, under Australian law, the hot water system’s thermostat must be set at 70 degrees Celsius, and above 60 degrees Celsius (to kill Legionella bacteria and avoid a serious lung infection).

Conclusion | Hot Water System Repairs Sydney

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