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How to clean your mouse pad with perfect result

How to Wipe The Mouse Pad Squeaky

Do you feel that your accuracy and precision is not what it used to be during the game? There are about three guilty parties to that your gaming abilities, your mouse defect, or your mouse pad needs to be cleaned.

Mouse pad

You cannot avoid your trackpad from becoming dirty, particularly after prolonged use. It can retain dirt from your palms, spills, grease, sweat, or snack crumbs, if these items are left unattended on your mouse pad, it will ruin its reliability, and a dirty mouse pad will affect your efficiency.

That’s why you need to know how to clean your mouse pad.

Ascertain the texture of the mouse pad.

You must never wash the mouse pad directly, you ought to know the type of fabric to decide which method is best. Some mousepads are washable with washing machines, so it’s best to clean the mouse pad as per the type of fabric.

Take a bowl and fill it with warm water or soap.

Grab a bowl and add warm water. Apply the hand soap and give it a mix to blend thoroughly with the wash. In the meantime, if you don’t have a block of hand soap, you can have a replacement for it such as liquid detergent. Ensure that the soap you’re using is softer and smoother to the fabrics.

Soak your mouse pad.

You ready a bowl and a liquid, make sure you put the mouse pad down and make it soaked. Let it sit down for a few minutes to help remove the unnoticeable grease and dirt that must have been absorbed into the mouse pad.

Just give it a soft rub.

It’s time to do stuff. After your mouse pad is saturated, you need to clean your palms with it. Use a gentle brush to clean the stained pieces of your pad. Note, you need to be careful on it to prevent scratching the surface of the fabric. In the meantime, if your mouse pad has a design or an image above it, be careful as rubbing will harm the graphic.

Now rinse it.

Gently wipe off the soap out of the mouse pad with cold water. Make sure there is no residue left on either side.

Dry your mouse pad with a towel, then dry with air.

Now, your trackpad is clean and just needs to be dry. Pat the mouse pad with a towel and let it mop up some of the moisture. The easiest way to dry mouse pads is to dry them or expose them to the sun.

But if you’re in a rush to secure the win in the game, and you don’t have enough time to dry the pad. Instead, use a hairdryer and set it to the lowest heat level and it shouldn’t be quite near to the mouse pad. Heat and mousepads are not the best mates because they can harm the surface combined.

Are the mousepads suitable for washing in the washing machine?

Yes, if you’re too lazy or busy cleaning your mouse pad by hand, you can wash your mouse pad in a washing machine. But you need to make sure that your mouse pad is made of the following materials:

  • Acetate
  • Acrylic
  • Foam
  • Microfiber
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Polyurethane
  • Rubber

Because the mouse mat is made of these things, you need to be cautious when cleaning your mouse pad in the washing machine.You need to use moderate, natural laundry detergent.

Set your washer to cold water.

Using the period of light.

Do not use any bleach.

The air pad of your mouse pad. Don’t try to place it in a dryer machine. If you place your mouse pad within the dryer, it will be subjected to heat and can cause harm to your mouse pad. If you are not sure that you will be able to contact a laundry service provider providing special laundry services. Also check out how to deal with adware on your computer

May I use a laundry service to clean up my mouse pad?

If you don’t have a laundry machine at home or you don’t have resources to do it  yes, you can hire a washing service to help you wash your mouse pad. Many other laundry companies accept additional special laundry facilities. You can drop your mouse pad at the laundry or ask them to get your dirty mouse pad via the laundry picking service. Since the worker is an expert in their profession, you will have detailed requirements on your mouse pad.

In conclusion

Follow the standard steps to make your mouse pad sparkling clean. But if you don’t have resources or are lazy, you can drop your mouse pad in a professional cleaning store. A perfectly clean mouse pad will make sure nothing is blocking your way to use the mouse.

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