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How to make a third party Insurance Claim after an Accident?


Accidents are traumatic experiences that unfortunately cannot always avoid. Even if you are cautious on the road, sometimes, your car might get involve in an accident due to the recklessness of another vehicle’s driver. It would be best to claim insurance for damages as soon as possible for your financial security. Third party insurance claim in Singapore can be a complex process, so it is ideal to go through a reputed insurance service provider.

Steps to follow for third party insurance claim

It is advisable to file a claim under your insurance policy after an accident, even if the damages suffered are minor. Malaysia and Singapore car accident claim cases are generally resolved speedily within six months, but you can get swifter service if you have a trusted insurance provider. Some of the vital steps you can follow to avoid ambiguities in the insurance claim process are:

  • You must collect all official details of the involved party at the earliest. This includes names, phone numbers, residential addresses, insurance information, and license information. This data has to be verified at the time of third party insurance claim in Singapore. 
  • Before reporting the case to the insurer, you must have adequate evidence of the accident. It is best to take high-quality close-up shots of the scene and damages to present to the insurer. The photos suggested preferably colour, and the frame should include the number plate and model version of the vehicle.
  • Contact your car insurance service for the expert advice of their consultants. You may choose to file an official report. And have your insurance service handle the matter, or you may mutually agree to settle the issue out of court.
  • You are recommended to report the case within 24 hours of the incident to maximise your chances of getting total compensation. Depending on the degree of damage, you would legally allow to send your vehicle for repairs immediately. However, it is best to abide by the terms of your policy. And have the insurer inspect the condition to confirm the cost coverage first.

Which insurance service should I choose?

If you choose the right insurance service provider, Malaysia and Singapore car accident claim becomes a simple and hassle-free procedure. The aftermath of an accident can lead to long-term shock. It can make it challenging for you to focus on the details of the same. Thus, you should ensure that your insurer:

  • Offers 24 hours support on all matters related to insurance claim
  • Has provisions for providing a replacement car in the interim period
  • Has a transparent system for insurance claim at their reporting center
  • Offers car towing services for car removal from the accident site

In conclusion, car insurance providers will assess the liabilities and ensure that you get adequate compensation for the losses suffered. They are in charge of filing and processing your claim so that you can move on from the accident as soon as possible. To enjoy safe and stress-free journeys on the road with your vehicle, you should insure your car with a well-known and reasonably priced insurance provider.

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