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How to Convert Exchange EDB File to PST – Know Here

If you are handling email servers, then you might have come across file formats like EDB or PST. Though the first format belongs to the MS Exchange Server, the other one is associated with MS Outlook. However, there are times when admins wish to export an EDB file to a PST file Because of all types of causes. So, in this write-up, I will let users know how to convert an Exchange EDB file to PST in two different methods.

What is an Exchange EDB File Format?

EDB is the file format extension for the MS Exchange Databases that can store info about numerous accounts on the Exchange server. Usually, one Exchange server can store several EDB files that can be related with different accounts.

Ideally, the Exchange database can store content in the form of a B-tree structure with the following major file types.

  • Private.edb:- It stores information about the primary mailboxes.
  • Public.edb:- The file would contain all types of info for the public mailboxes.
  • STM: – These files are used to store attachments that would reduce the size of EDB files.

What you should know about Outlook’s PST File Format?

Microsoft Outlook can store vital data in two different file formats – PST and OST. PST, which stands for Personal Storage Table, is a proprietary file format that stores a local copy of your mailbox in Outlook.

Typically, a PST file would include vital information about your Outlook account such its configuration settings, Exchange accounts, emails, calendars, contacts, and so much more. So, PST files are used not just to archive your data but can also assist you import/exporting your account’s data to/from different platforms.

Common Causes for EDB and PST Conversion

Now when users have covered a few basics, let’s learn the common causes for exporting EDB files to PST formats. While there can be all kinds of reasons, the following are some of the major causes for EDB to PST conversion.

  • Your Exchange server might be down, or users would like to preserve it.
  • If the Exchange server has been crashed and users want to reconstruct the mailbox.
  • Your Exchange database has crossed the allowable storage restrictions.
  • Any physical or logical issue could have corrupted the Exchange database.
  • You would like to troubleshoot your Exchange server and resolve any problems with it.
  • Additional causes contain legal agreements, upholding backups, porting of mailboxes, and so on.

Convert Exchange EDB File to PST – Reliable Solution

Hence, users now know what is EDB file is, what is PST file and the common causes behind EDB to PST file conversion. Users use the popular-in-demand SoftwarePro EDB to PST Converter tool for instant conversion, efficient EDB export. The best thing about this tool it provides a trial version and also displays great compatibility to all Exchange Server and Outlook versions.

Final Verdict

For exporting Exchange EDB mailboxes to PST file format or exporting Exchange database content to PST file for backup or other requirements, different free processes are explained and its limitations are also stated for user’s lookout. And if any suitability is knowledgeable, users are advised to take assistance from the mentioned EDB to PST Converter tool which overpowers all limits of free techniques. Articledaisy

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