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White Swiss Shepherd Dog: A handsome and crafty Swiss

A Shepherd Dog with a bright white coat? An albino, a freak of nature? No: A White Swiss Shepherd or Berger Blanc Suisse wears their unusual fur color for a reason. For forty years, the white shepherd variant was considered a taboo color by breeders, but it continued to be highly regarded by dog ​​fans overseas. Thus the White Swiss Shepherd became a breed of its own.

  • In exile overseas
  • Nature and character of the white sheepdog
  • Training and breeding
  • White Shepherd Dog Care
  • White Sheepdog Fact Sheet

In exile overseas

The white color of this dog was once of great use. In this way, during the night, shepherds did not exchange their dogs with wolves. At the end of the 19th century, when the systematic breeding of the German shepherd dog began, there were also white or light-colored dogs. However, in 1933 white was declared an exclusion criterion for breeding, as a correlation between color and a genetic defect had been hypothesized. In the United States and Canada, this new standard was ignored and this beautiful white continued to be bred, thus preserving the breed. Therefore, it has been possible to spread it since the 1970s, from Switzerland to all of Europe. The breed standard was definitively established in 2011.

Nature and character of the white sheepdog

He is a dog with a lot of heart and great enthusiasm that one cannot help but love. His character is balanced and self-confident. A White Swiss Shepherd initially behaves reluctantly towards strangers but is not anxious or aggressive. The nature of the White Swiss Shepherd is characterized by great intelligence and willingness to learn. He is as easy to raise as his dark-haired kin. Again the magic words are love, patience, and a treat at the right time. The combination of his balanced character with his love of work, his mental abilities, and his desire to please humans make him the best candidate for many highly responsible canine professions: as a guard and protection pitbull corgi mix dog, guide dog for the blind or rescue dog (avalanches); in fact, these are the tasks that satisfy him most.

Training and breeding of the white shepherd dog

The breeding of a white shepherd dog implies a previous experience with dogs in order to be able to represent, with a strong presence, the figure of a credible pack leader and to obtain absolute obedience.For this nature-loving dog, growing up in an urban environment is not advisable at all. This agile dog of large size wants to move and preferably together with those he knows well; in fact, the intelligent White Swiss Shepherd, with his family of human beings, creates an unbeatable team that goes far beyond a pragmatic relationship between dog and owner. All kinds of canine activities constitute fulfilling occupations for this dog, but in particular, he likes games in which he can put his nose to good use. If he can go wild with you even while you ride a bike, run, ride, and are in the water, you will always have a well-balanced dog with you.

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White Shepherd Dog Care

It looks like its fur attracts dirt as if by magic, but it doesn’t. Despite the snow-white coat, the coat does not require too much attention. A White Swiss Shepherd needs to be brushed regularly and during molting daily to get rid of dead lint. Like all sheepdogs, the White Swiss Shepherd Dog also tends to get hip and elbow dysplasia. Responsible breeders try to avoid these congenital weaknesses.

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