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How to fix AVG won’t open on Windows 10?

The best way out through which you will be able to work on the safety and security maintenance of your computer is to have a security-providing software program installed on the computer. Well, there are so many brands and options that are available for the user to choose from but none of those are as good as AVG. The program works on advanced technologies and features but yet it is very simple to install and open but still few technical glitches are unavoidable and the user may get to face the problem of AVG won’t open on Windows 10.

Using AVG antivirus on Windows 10-

Well, it is true that the software program is easy for the installation and for the setup, but as it comes to using any program with Windows 10 things do become complicated a bit. Even if you are using AVG antivirus you may get to face certain issues and errors at some point in time while doing so. So the most common issue that people generally deal with is AVG antivirus won’t open on Windows 10.  Here, we will look into the reasons for the same, and also we will see how one can resolve this issue for further proper workings of the software program.

Possible reasons for AVG not opening on Windows 10-

There are chances that the software program is not up to date with the latest version, or the issue can be of the internet. If it is something like that then updating the software program and also fixing the router settings will help you.

If the issue is still not resolved after this, then that means it is some other reason that is troubling the user. Further steps that one should follow are all discussed below; the users should follow these and should work on the fix of it.

Fixing AVG antivirus won’t open in the internet security version-

  • Please follow the steps given below-
  • Login Windows with user admin permissions
  • After this, on the keyboard press Windows along with R
  • In the run Windows service console enter services. MSc
  • After that, click on “ok”
  • Next, in the service console right-click on AVG antivirus
  • After this, choose properties
  • Once the general tab you choose you should then click on the drop-down menu given next to start up
  • In the type, you should put automatic
  • For confirming the changes you should click on “apply”
  • Once the system restarts you should then open the software program

If even after these steps you are stuck with the problem, then the next thing that you should do is conduct a repair on the AVG antivirus software program.

Repair AVG antivirus on Windows 10-

If you need to repair AVG antivirus on Windows 10 then for that there is a whole new procedure that you will need to follow.

The procedure for repairing goes as follows-

  • Check if there is any other application running on the system already for security purposes
  • After this, you will right-click on the Windows start button
  • Next, please choose “Apps and features”
  • Once done next you should click on “Apps and features”
  • From the list click on the AVG version of the software that is running on the computer
  • As the next step choose “uninstall”
  • In the user account control dialog box please click on “yes”
  • Once, the AVG setup wizard appears please click on “repair”
  • After this, wait for the repair process to complete
  • Next, please click on “done”

So, this is how you can fix the issue of AVG won’t open on Windows10, not just with this issue even with certain other issues related to this software program users are seen fixing it by uninstalling the program from the computer and then again installing it.  This helps in dealing with installation files related to corruption.


If you still need to know anything more, then in that case you should get in touch with the team of trained and certified experts. They are available at the service of the users all the time.  With the help and support of the experts, you will be able to resolve any AVG issue instantly.  Also, there is no such issue in the AVG antivirus setup that the team of technicians may fail with.

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