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Reasons Why your Restaurant Needs Marketing and How to Get Started with

Introduction: What do you mean by restaurant marketing?

Restaurant marketing is the process of bringing more people to your restaurant and therefore, increasing sales. Restaurant marketing utilizes customer channels to reach their goal, such as, websites, social media, ratings and feedback, emails and texts.

Why is restaurant marketing important now?

Find these reasons relevant as in why your restaurant needs marketing:
Loyalty: Customers are the bedrock of any business and repeat customers are a magic to a restaurant business. Marketing techniques effectively create loyalty and they not only visit the sites for updates but also keep on visiting your restaurant.
Attracting new people: With the use of good SEO tools and marketing strategies, more people can be attracted to your restaurant. Do you know what a good advertisement does? It fascinates people. Imagine a person scrolling through instagram and coming across such a good food picture that they visit the profile and follow them! That is how your popularity increases. Also, most people use google to search for good restaurants or places to visit in their locality. Your goal should be to keep your restaurant’s name in the list. Also you can use google ads so that people, at least for once, come across your services.
Partnerships and collaborations: Good marketing techniques increase traffic which in turn opens your business for collaborations with other companies.
Technology: Technology plays an important part in our lives. Through marketing, your business is projected as a technologically driven and skilled one. Your startup is new and innovative. You can use images and animated videos to achieve this.
Competitive: Competition is increasing in every field, from fashion to food. Without effective marketing and advertising, your business will become stagnant and go down the list. If you don’t promote your business, people will forget that your restaurant even exists.
Brand name: You can keep your brand name fresh through effective marketing. For example, McDonald’s creates a variety of ads for kids and adults, which makes people have faith in the brand.

Best Platforms for Restaurant Marketing

Facebook; Facebook is majorly used to build community. You can create a business page there and add the details. You can bring more people to your page by going live and making regular posts.
Instagram: Instagram is the best place for promoting visual contents. Use hashtags and always keep up with the trend.

How to Get Started?

Create interesting blog posts: The idea of restaurant revolves around food so expand your blogs upto the genres of health, food and lifestyle, not only restaurants. People don’t like reading the same content again and again. The best thing about blogs is, they need not be posted regularly. Share your struggles, influence people with your content.
Set up a Google business profile: This will help people discover you using google maps and google ad services. Keep the information up to date, including address, contact details and time of opening.
Reviews: Ask for reviews when you are a beginner. You can do this in two ways: in person – i.e, when a customer visits your restaurant, you can ask them to leave a review on your page, or, request reviews through posts. Reviews play a vital role because that is the first thing a person checks before they make up their mind to visit your business. Respond to the reviews, especially the negative reviews, so that the customers believe in you. Welcome healthy criticisms.
Paid ads: Paid ads increase the chance of your restaurant being discovered by people online. Make the ads time centric, for example, at dinner time, many people will be searching for good places to eat on Google. Make an attractive ad with exciting deals at that time.


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