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SEMRush Can Track SEO Positions Analytics

Monitoring SEO positions is more than essential to increase the visibility of a website. In addition to being an indicator that allows the development of corrective action, Digital Marketing it is also a better way to evaluate the performance of all the pages of its website.


In terms of SEO tool, SEMRush remains the most efficient. In a simple scan, it could provide you with crucial information on the positioning of your website.

Number of traffic

With Sem rush, you have the possibility to know your monthly traffic number. In addition to the organic traffic from your positioned keywords, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali it also illustrates your traffic from your SEA or paid search campaign.

The position of each page

If you have a premium subscription, Sem Rush can list all your pages positioned on Google. Thanks to this, you can more easily determine the pages that need to be optimized to allow you to gain more visibility.

The competition level of each keyword

The level of competition for a keyword is very different on Google. And through this tool, you will have the opportunity to know them.

The type of request

Very important, especially in terms of content marketing, Sem Rush could also illustrate the type of query relating to your web pages.

The number of outgoing links from the site

With Sem Rush, you will no longer necessarily need to subscribe to Majestic SEO. Indeed, the tool also allows you to know your number of backlinks as well as your referring domains.

The other features offered by Semrush

In addition to these functions, with SemRush, you also have the possibility of doing competitive intelligence. Indeed, on the tool, in addition to your site, you can also scan the sites of your competitors.

  • Thanks to this, you could know their traffic, the backlinks that point to their sites as well as their keywords positioned on Google.
  • To fully utilize SemRush, you should purchase a subscription.
  • However, to discover its features, it offers a free version.

Check position

Check position is an easy-to-use application that allows you to follow the SEO positions of your website. If you trace less than 200 keywords, access to the service remains free and beyond that, you must subscribe to a subscription. Among its most attractive features are:

Location history

The details of your location history on Google are very intuitive on Check position. Indeed, not only can you perform real-time monitoring, but it also allows the download of a report, which is mainly used if you are a web agency or an SEO consultant.

Accessible API

Thanks to its accessible API, you can link the tool with an application. Very interesting, this feature is especially useful for those who have fairly specific needs.

Custom note creation

With this feature, you can put a little note on the pages you plan to follow very closely. From this, you will have the opportunity to determine whether the corrective actions you have taken have paid off or not.

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