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Specialize in Custom Printing: Five Small Businesses You Can Start Today!

Vinyl While there are plenty of people trying to make money personalizing online, there’s no reason why you can’t find your own way through the hectic world of e-commerce. We can name hundreds of Roland DGA customers who have succeeded in the online personalization market, often starting with a desktop device like the BN-20 printer/cutter or VersaUV LEF-12i UV printer, and building highly profitable businesses by doing so. make smart business decisions.

Find your Marketplace Online

Online personalization is a constantly growing market. According to the statistics website, e-commerce in the US grew by 14.9% in 2019 and has continued to do so exponentially in 2020, notwithstanding the challenges people faced in that year. This is why today would be a good time to start an online business, during this upward curve. However, before you start investing in a new online business and choosing the products you are going to print on, there are three factors that you should consider right off the bat:

a. Have a solid plan for what products you want to customize.

Find what really interests you in the customization market and focus your efforts on those areas. You may find that you “spread too much” trying to serve many markets at once. It is often too much effort to manage a large number of stores and products at the same time.

b. Focus on the markets where you want to sell.
Like any business, you will need to promote your products, and therefore you will need to invest in online advertising. However, providing different designs to suit each application and market will be costly and inefficient. It is preferable to concentrate your online ads by investing in a certain area to avoid having to spread your spending across many product interests.

c. You will need multiple machines if you want to offer customization in different markets.
If you have a business plan that includes serving the apparel, décor, art, merchandising, and accessory markets, you’ll need more than one Roland DG machine. While all Roland DG desktop devices are versatile and allow you to print on a variety of applications, you’ll need to invest in multiple devices to meet different customization markets.

Privacy Frost Vinyl

Instead of trying to do it all, you should consider just one or a few items to produce so that you can focus your skills and creativity on them, become very good at making them, and deliver them quickly. The following list of apps represents some specific customization markets that you might specialize in.

Five Personalization Markets to Specialize in

There’s a huge accessory customization market out there right now, and there are a few big reasons why it’s a smart idea to get into it.

1. Compared to custom jerseys and jackets, although the final value does not tend to be too different, the cost of products such as socks, briefs, face masks, scarves, and bandanas is much lower on wholesale sites such as S&S activewear, Alibaba, Amazon Business, Sinalite, and other bulk providers.

2. There is currently a large market for products such as personalized face masks and bandanas, and that market is unlikely to shrink in the near future. You can choose one or more of these products that you want to specialize in, and create a business based on them.

3. Once you start to focus on fewer markets, you’ll gain more insight into them; For example, what designs are in fashion, where are the best stores to sell your products, and who are the main competitors. This will help you optimize your strategy by receiving powerful and concentrated information in one area.

Wallpaper is a product associated with outdated decorating techniques, where buckets of glue and other complications were required to install it. With the introduction of “peel and stick” wallpaper, this type of décor is now quite popular thanks to easy and clean installations, modern designs and custom options.

Owners of Roland DG’s

Owners of Roland DG’s BN-20 printer/cutters or CAMM-1 GS-24 vinyl cutters have many wall graphic options available whether it’s for room customization decorating services, or business branding. You may also consider offering “off-the-shelf” products to sell online. These products can be as simple as oversized vinyl decals with cool designs and phrases, or rolled wallpaper that can be printed on-demand.

The following data explains why wall decoration customization is a market to enter right now:

1. In the US, the home improvement market generated $407 billion in 2019*. It is a huge industry that continues to grow exponentially every year despite the fluctuations in real estate.

2. Wallpapers and wall coverings are very much in vogue these days to create attractive walls and accents in homes.

3. Sold by the roll, custom wallpapers are viewed as specialty décor items and can command a higher price markup.

4. Wallpaper substrates are readily available and are not expensive specialty products. Their prices are comparable to other adhesive vinyl products on the market. We recommend WallFlair™ WFRV Removable Vinyl, available from our Roland DGA Store.

Specialized T-shirts and Sweaters


It doesn’t matter that a lot of people print and sell t-shirts as they haven’t reduced their popularity at all. In fact, according to, the statistics website, the t-shirt market, currently US$1,180,000,000, is projected to reach a value of 3,100,000,000 by the year 2025. To enter this huge market you might consider specializing in specific t-shirts and designs, rather than casting a big net to “catch” customers: it’s the equivalent of using a fishing rod with your own designs and sales strategy.

That fishing rod can be in the form of niche markets like bachelor and bachelorette party t-shirts, sports team sweaters, holiday party t-shirts, etc. These applications rely on personalized photos and text—perfect applications for a VersaSTUDIO BT-12 desktop direct-to-garment (DTG) printer or VersaSTUDIO BN-20 desktop printer/cutter. To stand out in this market you may also consider printing only on t-shirt pockets or raglan t-shirt sleeves. Do what is necessary to make your store stand out from the competition, making it more direct and specialized. A big problem with online t-shirt shops is how chaotic and confusing they often are, containing many different designs all trying to compete for various markets.

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