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Graphics Designing

The 5 Principles Of Creating A Top-Notch 2D Graphics Design

Businesses can’t get by without a good design in this digital world. The era we exist in is the visual era, where people are more attracted to visuals than written content. They prefer to see and perceive visual designs, images, videos, and infographics to understand better business goals, values, mission, vision, products, and services. You can see that 2D graphics design art is rising these days. Businesses are including eye-capturing patterns and designs to attract customers. They make websites, mobile apps, logos, blogs, animated videos, infographics, and other content using creative, engaging, and appealing designs. Moreover, these designs capture people’s attention and visually communicate and convey brand messages.

When it comes to 2D designs, the only thing that clicks in our minds is beautiful digital art, but it is much more. Creative designs are beautiful drawings and hold specific concepts, logic, or deep messages. However, it might sound when we say graphics design art is a medium of communication, but only those who understand the value of designs will say it is correct.

Here we will go through the best 2D graphics design principles and creation. Let’s begin with the principles first and later on its types.

Principles Of 2D Graphics Designs

Although there are many 2D graphics designs, some of the few elements are common for all designs. Taking care of these elements will help you portray your intentions in the design to give it meaning. 2D graphic design art is beneficial for businesses to beautifully include their brand message in designs and make people interact with it.

Following are the principles on which a 2D graphic design is based to create a great visual impact on viewers’ minds.

  1. Balance

A poorly balanced graphic design looks odd and does not imprint a good impression. Balancing a graphics design means the arrangement and distribution of various components. While creating 2D or 3D designs, it is essential to be consistent in the placement of designs, characters, colors, etc., to make it cohesive. However, you can use symmetric and asymmetrical designs to make them eye-catching, emphasizing, and strong enough to communicate visually.

  1. Hierarchy

Did you ever notice 2D graphics design logos? They have a perfect flow of visual designs that create an excellent sense of conveying a brand message.

Hierarchy in design is another crucial element that develops a sequential flow in a brand message. It will help if you are consistent and patient while portraying your imagination in a graphics design. It would help you be in the lane and convey all intentions one by one.

Moreover, it will let viewers know all the intended message’s aspects and fulfill your objective to show everything about you.

  1. Alignment

A 2D graphics design with a perfect alignment gives an attractive look. Viewers’ quick perception and correct interpretation of the conveyed message are alignment’s core. Additionally, alignment optimizes the 2D design and develops the great potential to explain intentions.

It would help businesses know how interactive the design is to perceive at first glance. For this purpose, designers use grids to align various components and embrace sequence, creativity, professional and well-organized look.

  1. Repetition

It is advisable to repeat the patterns in your 2D or 3D designs. This practice is the best way to have a memorable impact on your design. Firstly, it keeps you and viewers in the circle of delivered intentions. Secondly, it unifies your design to make it memorable, impactful, and consistent enough to associate with your brand.

Repetition in design does not make sense to make it too stuffy with the same pattern. You can add other patterns to give space and let them breathe to deliver a clear view.

  1. Contrast

Contrast is the back support to any graphics design. It is an essential element that expresses all the aspects of your message and emotions. It includes texture, color selection, lines, various patterns, etc., that are needed to make appealing and compelling designs.

You can add contrast in 2D graphics design in various ways. Like a combination of soft and bright colors, thick or thin lines, creating illusions with negative spaces, smooth or harsh textures to add emotions or moods, and much more.

But always keep in mind to be limited and careful while using them. Overuse or poor combinations will ruin the design structure. As a result, your design will lose its creativity.

4 Common Types Of 2d Graphics Design 

However, there is a long list of 2D graphics designs, but here we have rounded up some of them.

  1. Visual Identity Design

Whether it is a small or large-scale business, brand identity is crucial for all. Every business has its own goals, values, mission, vision, and voices in which they deliver brand messages to attract customers. Logo designs are businesses’ visual identities that distinguish one from the other. Many logo designs are in trend, but 2D graphics design logos have taken over the competition.

  1. Art And Illusion Designs

Art and illusion is another great type of 2D graphic design. Art in design develops the concept, while illusion puts life in the design context. You can create illusions with animation, negative spaces, etc. Additionally, you can use an online video animation maker to illustrate abstract concepts perfectly.

  1. UI/UX Designs

Businesses’ online presence leads them to improve their websites and mobile applications. They use the latest UI/UX designs in 2D or 3D patterns to make them interactive, appealing, and engaging to hold viewers’ attention for a long time.

  1. Advertising Design

Advertisement is a crucial step in any business process that helps businesses center the competition. The branding process is digitized with content and video marketing with digital advancement. Marketers use 3D or 2D graphics designs in making visuals, infographics, and animated videos to launch an impactful brand campaign. The latest marketing approach helps businesses in finding more valuable customers.


In summary, a good 2D graphics design is only obtainable when you follow its principles. Doing this will help businesses improve their brand identity and develop potential in the marketing campaign to reach more customers.

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