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The Advantage of wood stoves

bWood stoves are good for the environment Burning wood is good for the environment. Using wood stoves is a great way to reduce carbon emissions because logs are a low-carbon fuel source.

Burning wood also lowers your heating bills, especially if your home is not connected to the gas network and relies on the more expensive oil or LPG to heat it. There are also broader benefits for the economy and the environment.

Fuelwood from managed forests creates demand for skilled forest management jobs and may encourage landowners to manage their wood. Managed forests also provide rich and valuable habitat for wildlife, however, any combustion will produce particles.

How to install a wood stove?

The cost of a wood stove will vary depending on the type and size chosen, as well as the individual characteristics of your home for installation. A wood stove can offer significant savings due to rising fuel costs. The basic cost of a wood-burning stove is between £ 400 and £ 1,500.

The typical cost of a wood-burning stove, including installation, is around £ 2,000. Obviously, cheaper options are available, while an insert placed inside a wall is more expensive. it will increase accordingly.

As a general rule, a fireplace should be lined to ensure that gases rise and escape from above rather than escaping into the house. The pipe or flue which goes up the chimney to draw the fumes from the fireplace costs around £ 50 / meter.

It should protrude 60cm above the ridge of the roof, so the cost of the chimney will depend on the height of your fireplace. Maintaining Your Wood Stove In addition to removing ashes and cleaning the windows, stoves are fairly easy to maintain. Visit the website for more detailed info about benefits of wood stoves.

As for maintenance, you will need the services of a chimney sweep once or twice a year to avoid the build-up of flammable residue. And, of course, dry firewood. How much does firewood cost? Unless you plan to get the logs for free, budget for the cost of the firewood.

The price of logs determines by where you live. Typically, home-delivered hardwood costs around £ 95 per load (traditionally one cubic meter). Two or three loads can last a family during the heating season, but it will depend on the size of your home, how warm the winter is, and how well your home is insulated.

Is my home suitable for a wood stove?

Like all renewable energy sources, it is very important to verify that your property is compatible with the technologies before proceeding.

If you are considering a wood-fired biomass system, there are two key considerations: It can only burn dry and dried logs as fuel. Make sure you don’t live in a smoke controlled area.

If you live in a smoke controlled area, you can potentially use a stove approved by Defra (Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). However, it is important to accurately look at this before making decisions, because air quality is a very important problem.

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