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The Best live Streaming Services Provider in India

Live streaming is one of the most sought-after ideas to boost audience engagement rates and expand the brand reach. Though several businesses have gotten used to the format, some are still struggling with it. Moreover, the biggest challenge the organizers face is to make the right choice when it comes to live streaming services. We understand your problems and making things easier for you, we have come up with a list of the top live streaming services in India. 

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Best Live Streaming Platform


One of the most reliable and trustworthy live streaming services in India, Dreamcast comes with a set of several interacting and engaging features. These features enable the organizers to execute their plans seamlessly and efficiently. It is an all-in-one platform with several big names on the list of its users.

Let us go through some of the features that Dreamcast provides to its users: 

  • It is a customizable platform that the organizers can use according to their needs and brand objectives. This feature allows the users to design their live streaming just how they want and not settle for anything less. 
  • It comes with the latest technologically advanced feature known as 360-degree live streaming. This feature allows the users to get a closer-to-real and immersive experience. 
  • Along with the above-discussed features, Dreamcast also provides its users interactive features such as live polls, live chat, and Q&A sessions. These features enable the attendees to put across their views and queries and for the organizers to solve them instantly. It is an effective way for the users to bond with their audience. 
  • Dreamcast comes with a user-friendly interface, making it very convenient for the attendees to join a live stream. 
  • It is a budget-friendly and secure platform that meets all the needs of its users and helps them deliver an unforgettable event experience. 

Instagram Live:

Instagram, one of the widely used social media platforms, is also recognized for its live-streaming feature- Instagram Live. It is a widely used live streaming service provider, mainly used by businesses and celebrities to reach a larger audience. 

Here are some reasons as to why you should stream your content live on Instagram:

  • There are around 1 billion active users of Instagram around the globe. Out of which, 50% of the accounts follow at least one brand’s handle. 
  • Data shows at least 80% of Instagram users refer to this medium to purchase a product or a service. It creates an excellent opportunity for businesses to expand their name on the platform. 
  • One of the most notable features of this platform is that it bumps your live video to the first position in the story section. This feature allows the users to get in the notice and increase their audience reach. 
  • It allows the audience to put across their comments, queries, doubts in the in-stream chatbox. It enables the creators to respond instantly.
  • Along with this, it also enables the streamer to hide offensive and abusive comments.
  • It is available to its users free of cost and allows its users to monetize their streams. 

LinkedIn Live:

LinkedIn Live is another expert live streaming platform that is free of cost. The reason LinkedIn Live is considered prominent is that live streaming gets 7x likes and 24x comments than regular videos. Since LinkedIn live is considered the social media platform for professionals, it allows businesses to expand their brand reach and drive genuine audiences to their brand. 

Various types of content that you can stream through LinkedIn Live are:

  • The virtual events of your company. 
  • You can recruit new talent in your company. 
  • You can deliver leadership content on LinkedIn Live. 
  • Along with all these types, you can use LinkedIn Live to launch your product and service as well. 

YouTube Live:

A widely known live streaming platform, YouTube Live allows the creators to share knowledge and have discussions. The user can access the platform through multiple devices, be it a mobile, webcam, or even encoders. Let us go through some of the features that help YouTube Live stand apart:

  • The streamer can use live analytics to get a peek into the performance of their channel and the audience’s engagement. 
  • YouTube Live allows the users to run the live streaming across multiple social media channels simultaneously. This feature allows them to present the video to a wider audience at a given time. 
  • It comes with a live chat option which makes sure there is effective communication between the audience and the host while the stream is going on. 
  • It allows the streamers to monetize the streaming through ads and YouTube Partner Programme. 
  • This platform allows the creators to add their location to their streaming.


The next name that has made it to the list of the best live streaming platforms is Vimeo. The best feature of this platform is it comes with unlimited events and storage capacity. 

Let us have a look at the unique features of this platform: 

  • It comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it a very convenient platform to use. 
  • Vimeo offers audience engagement tools like live polls and Q&A sessions allowing the audience to interact with the hosts during the streaming.
  • Moreover, It provides 24/7 customer support to its users, enabling them to get their queries sorted instantly. 


Dacast is an efficient live streaming platform that allows users to deliver authentic experiences irrespective of the scale of their businesses. The platform comes with a unique set of features that enable the users to execute highly engaging, authentic, and immersive event experiences. 

Let us have a look at some of the amazing features Dacast provides:

  • For Dacast, the privacy of its users is the utmost priority. The platform is highly secure, ensuring the organizers don’t need to worry about online threats. 
  • It comes with the feature of real-time analytics that enables the organizers to get insight into the audience engagement data, analyze the performance of the platform, and measure its success. 
  • The platform has a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it convenient for the audience to access the live stream. 
  • It provides 24/7 customer support, making it a highly reliable platform for the organizers. 

The above mentioned live streaming services in India are highly efficient and have been delivering authentic experiences to the users for years. You can choose any of the platforms and execute your live streaming plans effortlessly. 

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