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The Best Reflective Tape for Motorcycle Helmets

Reflective tapes increase the visibility of bikes on the road. They replicate light from any incoming close vehicle. Therefore, the tape shines brightly which pulls the eye of the motive force in front. Consequently, reflective tapes are very essential for any motorcyclist out there.

There are reports of traffic-related accidents and injuries that mount up to 14% each year. And this number is related to only one type of vehicle: motorbikes. That is why the rider has to be visible distinctively on the road. The best way to increase vehicle visibility is to use Reflective Tape for Motorcycle Helmets

What is the reflective tape? 

The mechanism that is going into that is quite simple and common. When light falls upon any regular reflective tape, the light shines at the surface and reflects back to the opposite way from the source. So, if the light is coming from the proper side, then it’ll replicate the left side.

Therefore, regular reflective tapes do not work properly in low light or at night time. Furthermore, the usage of this tape will make you as visible as you want. 

A motorbike helmet is one such vital piece of equipment that is ideal for sticking reflective tapes and stickers. On clothes, the reflective material becomes loosened and wiped out with time and its proper preference as compared to a motorbike helmet.

Why  Required Reflective Tape for Motorcycle Helmets?

Bicycles/Motorcycles – with the right type of reflective tapes the rider not only increases his/her visibility but also provides a new look to the bike and other gears. If added on top of the helmet, that is the highest point when riding a bike, will enhance the visibility. 

Helmets – You will find the reflective strips on motorbike helmets and even on bicycles as well, however growing the amount of reflective surface is the ideal thing to do. By doing this, you’re making sure that any drivers are properly aware of what they’re drawing close

What are some of the best reflectors for bike helmets?

3M Scotchlite SOLAS Grade Reflective Tape

This is one of the most commonly used and famous reflective tapes out there. It has the highest ratings when it comes to the candela scoring, making it one of the best reflectors for bike helmets. Candela is the unit used to level luminous intensity. 

Normally, throughout the day the tape appears silver. However, it appears vibrant white when the light is reflected. This tape works best in low light and nighttime. The drawback this tape has is that it is not fire-resistant and doesn’t react well with water making it non-washable that is not suitable for moist and rainy weather. 

3M Scotchlite Reflective Tape

This is a first-rate tape for usage at nighttime. It is usually black throughout the daytime. However, whilst light strikes, it reflects off a vibrant shine again to the original source of light.

Additionally, it has robust adhesiveness. Because of its conformability, it could be used on quite a few contoured and curved surfaces.


A motorbike helmet is a key to your protection on the road. Aside from shielding your head throughout a collision, it is able to additionally assist you to save that collision from taking place with the aid of using motorbike helmet lighting fixtures and reflective stickers. Motorcycle helmet lighting fixtures and reflective stickers enhance the visibility at night time whilst making lane changes and hitting the brakes at night time or in dim-light conditions.

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