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16 Pocket-Friendly Gift Ideas For Your Baby Sister 

Have trouble figuring out how to surprise your baby sister with out-of-the-box gifts?  Here are a few useful suggestions that will erase your dilemma. As you would agree money can’t buy happiness, this list of gift-worthy items is especially popular for their reasonable price and extraordinary look. Go through the alternatives and you would surely be able to pick something nice for your baby sister to make her birthday special.

Elegant deer pendant

Simple jewellery always wins hearts but don’t just let your choices hover around a heart-shaped locket. An elegant deer head shaped pendant can be a subtle yet stunning piece especially suitable for your sister who firmly believes ‘less is more’.

Designer cake

Planning to astound your sister with something extraordinary? Order a flavourful two-tier designer cake from an online cake shop for your dear sister. Let her answer the door to find out exactly how an untimely doorbell can be forever etched in her memory!

Flamingo themed two-sided compact mirror

A portable double sided compact mirror especially with a vibrant exterior can be a perfect gift for your makeup lover sister who never compromises her perfect look for the world.

A box of lip crayons in an exquisite shade

Exquisite shades of smooth lip crayons are the best thing you can gift your sister if she is a big fan of trying out different colours and contrasting shades with the attire. Instead of gifting a single lipstick, play safe with an entire box of vibrant lip crayons so that she never runs out of colours!

Scented bedside lampshade candle

Lampshades are common but have you ever thought of gifting a unique scented candle lampshade? The soothing smell will help her relax and the look of a lampshade will serve the decorative purpose.

A Polaroid camera

Even if your sister is fanatically obsessed with picture-perfect snaps, the aesthetic charm of polaroid photos will awe her. Give her a polaroid camera as a reminder to capture beautiful things in life.

Sibling love caricature

Caricatures are one of the most popular gifts. Give your sister a personalised ‘sibling love’ caricature to serve as a memorabilia of your relationship when you both are stranded due to work commitments.

Lazy sister cushion and mug

Specially designed for ‘chilled out’ girls, give your sister a fun ‘lazy sister’ comfy cushion and mug to celebrate her drowsiness.

Set of doodle notebooks

If your sister lives to sketch then a pair of quality doodle notebooks can be the ultimate useful gift that will give her happiness.

Handmade Minimalistic  gift card with a box of chocolates

A minimalistic handmade card with a heart-touching message along with a box of luscious chocolate is a cherished combo passing the test of pleasing baby sisters. Like you order cake online, in the same way you can get easy doorstep delivery of these items at a reasonable price.

An unlimited shopping gift voucher

Encourage the shopaholic nature of your baby sister positively by getting her an exclusive unlimited shopping gift voucher.

Elegant wristwatch

A sophisticated wristwatch in gold and ivory with an extended warranty and timely servicing conveniences will be an asset to your little sister.

Imported perfume

Instead of throwing money into gaseous deodorants give your sister bottles of imported perfume that can complement any apparel.

Illuminating dream catcher

Dream catcher laced with small led lights can make any corner full of positive vibes.

Stylish backpack

A stylish yet spacious backpack is a must-have essential for any girl’s wardrobe. Get your sister one to complete her collection of bags.


Support your baby sister in her photography and content creating adventure by gifting a durable tripod.


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