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The Most Effective Method to Install a Ceiling Fan on Vaulted Ceilings

A room with vaulted ceilings looks tasteful contrasted with a room with a tall roof. Tall roofs achieve bigger room deceptions. A great many people lean toward vaulted roofs and have to introduce a ceiling fan to guarantee room air is appropriately coursed.

Generally speaking, vaulted ceilings don’t permit simple ceiling fan establishment, accordingly the need to utilize the current light apparatus association. You should utilize a more extended down-pole to guarantee the calculated side of the roof is cleared.

While introducing fans in a vaulted roof you want to guarantee that they are suspended at ideal fan tallness to permit ideal wind current

In this article, we will handle different connected with roof fan establishments on vaulted roofs. This remembers fan tallness for a vaulted roof hanging section establishment and steps to introduce a fan on a vaulted roof.

vaulted ceilings

How Far from Ceiling to Hang Fan Vaulted Ceilings?

Vaulted roofs make your room look cool because of its solid building plan. Notwithstanding, mounting a roof that is calculated requirements more than typical fan establishment apparatuses. You really want to guarantee that the new fan is viable with the calculated roof or slopped mounting.

As a rule, fans are all around planned in a method for fitting vaulted ceilings with a pitch of 15 or 45 degrees. On the off chance that the roof point is more prominent than the incline you will require a roof connector that is slanted. This will guarantee the establishment is secure and appropriately finished. When you have a slanted roof unit, next you want to work out the roof point. To document this you are expected to do the accompanying:

  • Estimating the ascent. This is the contrast between the most elevated roof point and divider stature.
  • Estimating the run. This is the complete length from the most elevated roof highlight the divider or the least roof point.
  • Computing the pitch or roof slant. Here, you really want to have the two estimations of the ascent and run. Then, at that point, utilizing a mini-computer place the run over the ascent and the outcome is the incline which is meant in degrees.

The contribution will direct you to decide the mounting connector brand to utilize. Utilizing a down-pole or point guide, decide the down-pole length for a vaulted roof. At least 12 inches which is prescribed for 14 to 18 degrees is a decent down-pole size.

At the point when the slant is more extreme or the fan is greater, you require a more drawn-out down-bar. Fans for inclined roofs are bundled by the maker with a short down-pole which you really want to build utilizing a roof fan extender.

The most effective method to Install Hanging Bracket for a Ceiling Fan in a Manufactured Home in Vaulted Ceilings.

Mounting on a holder section for a ceiling fan in an inclined roof isn’t tremendously muddled. You really want to introduce the draping section with the electrical box of a roof fan. Guarantee all current links are impeccably taken care of through a link clip situated on top of a roof intersection box. Fix every one of the screws. In a vaulted ceiling, guarantee the hanging section is appropriately situated with the section opening confronting the difficult side.
You want to screw the holder section into the intersection box utilizing the gave unique screws. Then, at that point, you are expected to put the links of the roof fan into the container which you should mount onto the support. Finally, guarantee you join the hanging fan section. Note that the down-pole ball ought to be impeccably slipped into the hanging section attachment.

Steps on How to Install a Ceiling Fan on Vaulted Ceilings.

Most roof fans are fabricated or fairly intended for a level roof. Notwithstanding, there are a couple of change packs made for introducing fans for vaulted ceilings. This unit contains a mounting section that could be a ball-and-attachment style which empowers the roof fan to be mounted from one or the other level to a 45 degrees roof pitch. For effective establishment the accompanying advances will be helpful:

  • Switch the electrical switch off for the intersection box. Guarantee all changes to which the roof fan will be mounted are off as well. Utilize an analyzer to check on the off chance that there is power in the circuit. For this situation, put the analyzer tip against the side wires of the switch. In the event that the lights are on switch off the fundamental electrical switch. Then, at that point, mount back the switch plate.
  • Utilize a stepping stool to arrive at the intersection box, relax the screws holding it and eliminate the case out from the roof entirety. Guarantee electrical are set up and in the event that there is no fan support put one. Then, at that point, place the mounting section of the intersection box and fix them utilizing a screwdriver.
  • Eliminate the external link sheathing by stripping a half-inch of protection for wires in an intersection box.
  • Mount the roof fan turn ball to the furthest limit of the right down-pole length. Here, you want to consider the roof pitch. Guarantee the down-pole is all around associated with the roof fan overhang and links got up to the fan engine. Then, at that point, fix every one of the screws.
  • Introduce the section to the container then, at that point, place the down-pole and fan engine to the intersection box. Guarantee the down-pole ball is into the section attachment.
  • Associate roof fan wires to those of the intersection box. Guarantee white links associate with the white ones; attach the container red wire to the fan’s blue wire. You really want to interface the crate exposed wire to the green roof fan link. In the event that there are no red links in the crate then, at that point, utilize the container dark wire and interface it to beat up fan links. Guarantee all links are gotten in an intersection box.
  • Connect the shelter to the mounting section with fan included screws.
  • Guarantee each fan sharp edge is appropriately connected to the fan engine.
  • In the event that the light unit was incorporated you want to interface it to the furthest limit of the fan. Fix every one of the screws then, at that point, introduce lights and globes.
  • First guarantee the electrical switch is on. Then, at that point, to test the roof fan you can utilize the light switch. Note that you really want to check and reset to guarantee the electric circuit is very much associated.


Introducing a ceiling fan in a vaulted ceilings is certifiably not something intense. You can do it impeccably by keeping the rules given. It’s critical to constantly adhere to producers’ directions prior to beginning any task. This will decrease pointless mix-ups as well as undertaking disappointment. Mounting a holder section for a roof is more straightforward and less expensive when done along with roof fan establishment.

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