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Top 20 Work-from home jobs for Parents

As parents know, juggling life responsibilities often makes children highly skilled at multitasking, especially during epidemics. Children’s aspirations for accessible jobs can be turned into online job searches that balance a working parent’s schedule with a family’s financial needs. Finding work-from-home jobs for Mom and Dad can be the perfect way to fulfill home and work promises.

Flexible working hours are essential factors contributing to a healthy work-life balance. Listed below are 15 of these work-from-home jobs.

15 work-from-home jobs for Moms and Dads

  1. Customer Service Representatives

There are many roles in customer service when telecommuting. Employees who can answer calls, respond to inquiries, provide customer support, and perform administrative tasks are ideal for this role. It requires a quiet home office and learning and using technology and software.

  1. Data Entry Specialist

One of the most preferred occupations by homemakers. A data entry position can be a very flexible role where you can co-manage the day while your child is sleeping or is away at school. Employers hiring for data entry jobs require good keyboard skills and close attention to detail that many parents already have.

  1. Recruitment Coordinator

If you think people enjoy finding new job Employment in Newnan GA, a job as a recruiter may be for you. Recruitment coordinators typically help HR staff review resumes, perform background checks, assist with interviews, and onboard new employees.

  1. Proofreader

Proofreaders usually pay great attention to detail and can spot small mistakes. As a remote proofreader, you check consistency, check the formatting, check facts, check grammar, and more.

  1. Authors/Bloggers

Many publications and online resources publish articles about the topic of parenting. Use your experience as a parent as an incentive to earn money for writing. Promote parent-friendly websites, social media, or other publications. Or use your financial management experience or work experience as the basis for your contribution. Use your storytelling skills to make money!

  1. Transcriptionist

Remote, part-time, and flexible options allow home-based parent recording. Typical tasks for transcription include transcription of audio or written content, review of reports, and correction of errors. Most assignments require the ability to type at least 75 words per minute.

  1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant provides administrative assistance to individuals or groups. Handling email and social media scheduling, scheduling meetings and travel, event planning, and research maybe some of your tasks. Virtual assistant jobs are 100% home-based and can be found part-time or full-time

  1. Online teacher/tutor

As a parent, you have taught your child to read, given math lessons, and taught all life skills. Education is likely to be a part of everyday life, so why not use these skills to make money?

  1. Accountants

Accountants primarily provide clerical assistance for maintaining financial records, reconciling bank statements, preparing reports, processing transactions, and bookkeeping. Accounting, data entry, and word processing skills are often required. Accountants can often find minor roles that can be either full-time or freelancers work-from-home jobs.

  1. Graphic Designer

Digital and visual designers can search for significant roles to work-from-home jobs and often work on flexible schedules. As a graphic designer, you can create a logo or advertisement, help design the look and feel of a website, or create signs, flyers, or other promotional materials. (Learn more about becoming a graphic designer)

  1. Health Coach

Many full-time parents work hard to stay fit. Why not use these skills and share them with others? Remote fitness and mental health roles can be the perfect way to help others lead healthier lives while maintaining their health.

  1. Marketing Specialist

Marketing positions, such as Marketing Coordinator, Search Engine Optimization Specialist, or Content Strategist, try to promote your product or service through branding and publicity.

  1. Social Media Specialist

Many mothers are already social media savvy, posting about their children’s achievements and following their favorite brands and influencers, so it’s natural for homemakers. You can help grow your fanbase and community by creating content for your company’s social media site in the social media arena.

  1. Travel consultant

There are many vacancies for virtual travel. In this industry, you will manage travel arrangements for a variety of customers, be it cruise lines, airlines, resorts, or travel reservations. Many positions offer travel benefits for you and your family to travel. Simply put, being able to offer perks for the whole family is homework for moms!

  1. Web Designer

Web Designers plan and create a website’s visual elements, design navigation elements, create graphics, select fonts and colors, and use HTML code. Generally, work experience or portfolio is necessary in this case. Web designers often work-from-home jobs and can also find freelance positions and roles with flexible hours.

The requirements for these roles can be elaborated in the following manner:

  1. Customer Service Representatives

Customer service representatives respond to customer queries and provide information and guidance at the company’s help desk. Many products, brands, and services have customer support phone numbers, email, and chat lines on their employer’s website so that customers can call for help at any time, and many use remote staff to answer customer questions, provide basic troubleshooting, and take orders. The customer service role requires a quiet home office and the ability to learn how to use company technology and software. 

Candidates possessing a high school diploma or an equivalent GED may be accepted for these positions, but a degree may increase their earning potential. Previous customer experience may also be preferred. General requirements include computer literacy, problem-solving, and good communication skills.

  1. Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialist creates content for a company’s or influencer’s social media pages, including creating content campaigns, writing posts, posting images and videos, and responding to audience comments.

They can handle all social media communications from one company, or they can specialize in social media channels and manage their networks for multiple brands. We also review advertising and content partnerships to ensure they are relevant to your brand’s target audience.

Requirement: Some employers may prefer candidates with degrees in communications, business, marketing, advertising, or other related fields. Applicants should be familiar with various social media platforms and must comprehend the company’s current and potential social media presence. Knowledge of processes such as search engine optimization, social media trends, and the culture and lifestyle of the target market is also often required.

  1. Data Entry Officer

Data Entry Officer is responsible for entering information provided into the employer system. Depending on your employer’s industry or area of ​​activity, you enter various data, including voter registration, prescribing information, responses to market research, and time and location data. Employers may have specific process equipment requirements for these roles.

Requirements: Mostly, entry-level data entry positions do not require applicants to have a college degree or prior experience. These experts must also pay attention to detail and be good at typing.

  1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant provides administrative support to companies, small businesses, or individuals. They can do many things, including checking email, managing social media pages, scheduling appointments, scheduling, and sending invoices. Virtual assistants can choose their desired specializations, such as fashion, technology, or engineering, and market them to customers accordingly. These positions can be part-time or full-time work-from-home jobs.

Requirement: For most of these positions, candidates will want to have at least a high school diploma or GED, but some may prefer a degree in a field related to the company’s industry. Previous experience in administrative support, customer service, or other clerical positions may also help these professionals find employment.

  1. Health Coach 

A health coach may work for himself or as a fitness ambassador for an employer. They use social media to connect with people in their community to share fitness, exercise, and nutrition information. They can help others lead healthy lifestyles and develop specific exercise or diet plans to help clients achieve their health goals.

Requirements: Depending on the type of employment, these professionals may be required to have relevant training or good experience in health, wellness, nutrition, or fitness. Strong interpersonal and motivational skills may also be required.

  1. Graphic Designer

A graphic Designer is a digital communications expert who can work as a freelancer or design logos, advertising images, or apparel designs remotely. They may also design books, magazines, or websites. Requirement

Having graphic design training in an associate or certificate program, or experience in graphic design software, these professionals can help you find employment.

Typically, these professionals need a solid design portfolio, such as personal projects or paid designs. Although some employers may hire full-time remote designers and pay for design software, it is advantageous for designers to have a software license.

  1. Proofreaders

Online and print publications often use remote proofreaders to check content for consistency, grammatical errors, formatting, and spelling accuracy.

Requirement: Proofreaders must be very attentive to detail and be fluent in the language in which the content is written. They must have solid linguistic knowledge and must be able to read the content carefully to ensure consistency of voice and structure throughout the piece.

  1. Online Tutor

Online Tutors teach virtual classes to students around the world. They may specialize in a specific subject area, such as math, science, reading, or writing, or teach in several areas where they are proficient. Distance English teachers are becoming increasingly common in teaching basic English skills to children and adults abroad.

Requirement: Many employers require candidates to have a bachelor’s degree, and many employers prefer prior educational experience. Knowledge of the chosen subject, general education, or language learning can also help these professionals find a work-from-home jobs.

  1. Web Designer

Web designers create various website images, design graphics, and fonts, program navigation components, and use computer programming to design web pages. They must have strong technical and creative abilities to make websites functional, easy to navigate, and aesthetically pleasing.

Requirements: Depending on the type of employment, these professionals may require prior training or programming experience, user experience, and interface experience. Employers often require a portfolio of remote web designers to showcase their skills

  1. Writer/Blogger

Many websites hire freelance writers to write content for blogs, product pages, or business sites. Remote writers or bloggers can choose a topic they want to write on, such as parenting tips, financial issues, travel, fitness, fashion, or entertainment.

They may be hired by brands, independent bloggers, or third-party writing services and may accept individual writing assignments with a pre-established schedule or if schedule permits.

Requirements: Authors and bloggers must have knowledge of the publication’s native language, grammar rules, and various writing styles. Employment may require prior experience as a writer, writing or communication training, and a strong portfolio.

  1. Travel Consultants

Virtual Travel Consultants manage travel plans for customers, including airlines, cruise ships, and resorts, and maybe hired by certain airlines, hotels, or travel agencies. Corporate travel consultants are responsible for resolving travel issues, planning customer itineraries, and selling travel packages to new customers. Business travel advisors are accountable for preparing all travel arrangements for employees, including flights, hotels, and ground transportation.

Requirement: Some employers may require candidates to have sales or travel coordination experience. Others can provide training to help qualified candidates become familiarized with the best practices and systems used in the workplace.

  1. Marketing Professionals

Marketing Professionals are responsible for developing a product or brand promotion plan and executing each phase of the marketing strategy. Virtual marketing professionals often focus on a single marketing area to support a brand’s corporate marketing team. They may specialize in event coordination, web content strategy development, sales data analysis, product brand identity development, or new customer acquisition.

Requirements: A significant marketing experience and understanding of business requirements are highly desirable for remote marketing professionals. Some employers may prefer potential candidates with a college degree in business, marketing, or other related fields.

  1. Search Engine Optimizer

SEO tends to place website, article, and blog pages at the top of search results pages when customers search the internet for specific topics. They inform employers of frequently used words and phrases related to the subject of a web page and help them write article titles, URLs, and web tags that contain these frequently used keywords. Requirement

Some employers may prefer candidates with degrees in communications, business, digital marketing, or other related fields. SEO professionals usually need sufficient knowledge of their client base and computer skills.

  1. Sales Agents

Sales Agents are responsible for selling products ectly from phone orders, social media, or pop-up stores. Agents can sell various products, including cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, and insurance packages. Many people use social media to sell their products and use marketing methods to reach their target audience.

Requirement: Some employers prefer candidates with high school education and prior sales or customer service experience. People with college degrees in business, marketing, or communications may also be better suited for certain positions.

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