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What Is Cash App Bank Name? Everything You Need To Know

What is the Cash App bank name is a frequently asked question? Cash app is an online payment platform which resembles a bank. Cash App is used by millions of people across the US for various reasons like Cash App direct deposit, receiving stimulus checks, investing in stocks and buying or selling bitcoins, and borrowing money on Cash App. As Cash App carries out all the banking services people often mistakenly think of it as a Bank. Let us clear this point in the next section.

Is Cash App a bank?

Cash App is not a bank nor does it have any branches. Although it seems to be very similar to it because it gives you all the services of a bank. But it ain’t a bank. Cash App is an online payment portal that helps you transfer money, Buy bitcoins, and invest in US stocks. Cash App mobile application aims to provide comfort to the people in this busy world where we do not even  get a proper time to eat.

Cash App has replaced the traditional banks by saving people’s time and giving them the freedom to do banking on their devices with a few clicks. This smart payment app can’t do everything on its own because it works online without any physical branches and it does not come with FDIC insurance protection. To carry out all the duties, Cash App has tied up with two reputed US banks. If you do not have any idea about it read the next section to know cash App bank name.

What is a Cash App bank name?

We already learnt that Cash App is not a bank itself it is an online payment portal that provides online banking services to its users. Two renown banks supports the Cash App. Those two banks are Lincoln Savings Bank and Sutton Bank. Cash App is associated with these banks for various functions like direct deposits, issuing cash app cards, and many more. We will discuss each of their roles in working for Cash App in the next section.

What is the role of Cash App Sutton Bank?

Cash App Sutton Bank issues Cash app cards for its users. Each card issued by Cash App Sutton Bank is unique from one another. Although Sutton bank gives Cash App card to the Cash App users but remember it  is not responsible for any of your problems even If your CashApp card is lost or stolen or not working you need to reach out to Cash app customer service not the Sutton Bank.

What is the Cash App bank name for Direct Deposit?

Cash App Direct deposit bank name is Lincoln Savings Bank. Cash app has partnered with Lincoln savings bank to provide this Direct Deposit banking feature to its users. So when get receive the direct deposit, indirectly you will transfer your funds into Lincoln Savings Bank but it does not mean that you can have any access to Lincoln savings bank as both of them are different entities. Cash App offers  Direct Deposit feature by which you can receive your monthly salary directly but if you don’t know the Cash App Bank Name, you may find it difficult to enjoy this service. It is essential to know your Cash App Account number and Routing number to enable your Cash App Direct Deposit.

How to find Cash App Account number And Cash App Routing Number?

It is important that you know your Cash App account and Routing number. If you do not know what Routing number is, it is a nine-digit exclusive number that locates the address of a bank. It comes as a great help to enable the Cash App Direct Deposit. 

It is a numeric code of every bank which helps to find the name and locate the bank. Follow the steps below to find your cash app routing number and cash app account number.

  • Tap to open the cash app on your device.
  • Login to your cash app account.
  • Go to the banking tab from the Cash App home screen.
  • Click on routing and account number below your balance.

You will see your account number and routing number. Note it down. We are writing the routing number of Sutton bank and Lincoln savings bank below so that you know whAt is your account bank name.

Cash App Sutton bank Routing number

Cash App Lincoln Savings Bank Routing number:

Cash App Customer Service is available all the time for its users. You can contact them anytime for assistance and they will help you to resolve your issues. 

Closing Words:

So that was all for your question that says how to find cash app bank name, account & routing number. I hope this post has helped you with all your queries. However, if there is anything specific you would like to ask, then do feel free to drop a comment below.


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