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What is the Best Body Moisturizer For Dry Skin?

Body moisturizers for dry skin are very important to have in your collection of products. The right kind of body lotion can keep your skin soft and supple. And help prevent the onset of wrinkles and other aging signs. Dry skin can be caused by a lack of regular water intake, overexposure to the sun, medications, or heredity.

If you have dry skin, it is likely that you have questions about which moisturizer is the best one for you. You may have already tried a few different ones, but you aren’t sure which one has worked for you. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a moisturizer for dry skin:

You should pick the lotion or body cream that contains the best ingredients. The Best Body Moisturizer For Dry Skin will contain humectants, which help to pull dirt and grime away from your skin. They also work to keep the moisture in, which helps your skin stay soft.

Choose one that contains glycerin or cocoa butter, because they are known as great moisturizers. You want to choose something with Shea butter, too, if you have extremely sensitive skin and you want to use something that has a higher level of natural antioxidants.

Fragrance Free Moisturizer


The best moisturizer for dryness will be fragrance-free. There are many products out there that are not fragrance-free, which can be a problem because they can cause allergic reactions. The best lotion or body cream for sensitive skin will have no fragrance at all, and no chemicals added. You will be able to use it every day without any problems.

The best moisturizer for dry skin will be one that contains hyaluronic acid. Most moisturizers have a tiny amount of hyaluronic acid in them, and that is what helps to retain moisture in your skin. The problem is that some of the other facial moisturizers on the market actually contain a large amount of hyaluronic acid.

best body moisturizer for dry skin

That is what actually ends up in your pores. You don’t need a moisturizer with huge amounts of hyaluronic acid in it, because it will attract water to itself and then end up attracting dirt, grime, and oils to it, which can lead to acne.

The best moisturizer for dry skin will be one that has good housekeeping seal -holder protein. The average moisturizer on the market will not have a good housekeeping seal -holder protein. It is supposed to bind with water, but instead, it attracts grime and dirt.

Check The Label of Ingredients


This happens even on the best lotions and body creams for sensitive skin. To avoid this, make sure you check the label of ingredients. If it does not list something like “stearic acid”, it is probably not a good body lotion for dry skin. Alcohols are drying, but they are also often the ingredient in hand lotions that people react to most negatively. If you are prone to allergic reactions, stay away from lotions containing alcohol.

Lastly, make sure that the Best Body Moisturizer for dry skin has a good housekeeping seal. If it has silicone, that means it is likely filled with silicone and has a higher risk of developing silicone warts. Other products won’t have that problem, because they are not filled with silicone.

best body moisturizer for dry skin

Some moisturizers contain ingredients that are simply too drying. Petroleum based moisturizers leave your skin too dry over time, leading to cracking and flaking. Other ingredients can cause skin irritation, including fragrances, colors and alcohols. 

But if it has silicone in it, you may be putting yourself at risk for getting warts on sensitive areas of your body. The housekeeping seal should also let the water do its job of keeping the product on your face where it needs to be.

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